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Watch IPL 2022 Cricket Live on Hotstar: Hello friends! There are so many things to entertain people with. One of them is watching and enjoying sports games such as cricket IPL, football, basketball, kabaddi, and so on. Cricket has a special place in Indian sports. Many people like to watch cricket games and some people’s full-time job is to watch or play cricket. The good news for all of them is that IPL 2022 cricket is back on Hotstar.
watch IPL live on hotstar
Watch IPL Live on Hotstar
There is a great way to see them from where you are. That is what Disney + Hotstar is all about. Yes, Disney + Hotstar owns exclusive digital broadcasting rights for IPL 2022. If you are a Hotstar user then you can enjoy the IPL 2022 live on your device. This includes the exciting features of the cricket live streaming feed including ball-by-ball prediction games, emojis, multi-game feed, and more. There are a few best ways to watch IPL live cricket on your devices (PC, TV, Smartphone, MAC, and more). Here in this post, we provide you with the best ways to watch live streaming IPL matches on your device. Let’s get into the topic.
You can watch IPL 2022 is Hotstar, Jio tv, and the airtel XStream app so install it on your device.

Watch IPL Live 2022 on Hotstar for Free

Last year Hotstar decided to remove the free package that allows users to view feed 5 minutes late. But the situation has now changed. The user can watch the IPL live for 5 minutes before the subscriber asks. Seems cheap on all Disney + Hotstar packs. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of this year, as well. It costs Rs. 299 is a reasonable fee. If you are more interested in the game, it is enough to spend Rs 365 per year. As an alternative, you may want to consider a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription package.
This subscription plan not only allows you to watch IPL 2022 but also access live feeds of major football, tennis, cricket, Formula 1, Kabaddi, and Badminton events. Hotstar launched the game plan just before the IPL last year. You can watch the IPL 2022 live stream for free on Hotstar on your smartphone though. There is a way to do that. You can see the explanation about it. Live streaming games are available on Hotstar.
ipl live on hotstar
In addition to IPL 2022, you can also watch live streaming of the following sporting events on the Hotstar app.
  • All International Cricket Council (ICC) matches
  • Vivo Indian Premier League (IPL) matches
  • New Zealand Cricket Board matches
  • Bangladesh Cricket Board matches
  • Cricket Council of Asia (ACC) matches (until 2023)
  • Tamil Nadu Premier League (DNPL) matches
  • Karnataka Premier League (KPL) matches
  • Live streaming tennis
  • Wimbledon
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Live Streaming Football League
  • English Premier League
  • Panteslika
  • Indian Super League
  • iLeague
  • All Formula One races
  • Badminton World Championship
  • Pro Kabaddi

Watching IPL 2022 Live Stream on Disney + Hotstar Free(for Jio Users)

  • First, you need to have a Reliance Jio SIM work on your smartphone and must have an internet connection.
  • Now you need to go to Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Disney + Hotstar app (It is also available for the iOS play store).
  • Then you need to install the downloaded Disney + Hotstar app.
  • After that, you need to download Jio TV on your smartphone depending on your network.
  • Install the downloaded Jio TV and open it.
  • Now, go to JioTV and tap Star Cricket Channel.
  • Then relax and wait until JioTV redirects you to the Hotstar app.
  • Now it will start streaming live IPL 2022 cricket matches on your smartphone.
If you want to watch IPL 2022 cricket live on PC then follow the below steps to install the Hotstar app on PC.

Watch IPL 2022 live stream Free on Disney + Hotstar (for Airtel users)

  • First and foremost you need to have an Airtel SIM with an internet connection on your smartphone.
  • Next, you need to go to the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Now go to the Android app store and download and install the Disney + Hotstar app.
  • After that, you need to download and install the Airtel TV/Airtel Xstream app on your smartphone/ TV.
  • Now, go to Airtel TV and open the Star Cricket Channel.
  • Then wait patiently until Airtel TV redirects you to the Hotstar app.
  • Now you can see it launching a cricket match live streaming on your device.
By following the steps mentioned above, you can watch IPL matches on Hotstar for free without any direct subscription. If you encounter any issues while streaming, please uninstall Hotstar and Jio TV or Airtel TV app and try again. There is no doubt that it will definitely work if you do this.


If you try the methods we have mentioned, you can definitely watch IPL 2022 cricket matches for free on Hotstar without subscribing directly. Enjoy watching IPL matches for free from your home with your family and friends and share your experience with us in the below comment section.
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