Which is better Hotstar VIP or Premium? – Comparison

Hotstar VIP or Premium? Hello, folks! Are you confused about choosing Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium packs? Do you want to know which is the best option? Then you are landed in the correct place. Here In this post, we suggest you the best choice and tell you which is better Hotstar VIP or premium. In India, Hotstar is emerging as an undeniable app for streaming live sports events, movies, web series, and TV shows. It is for this reason that it is very popular among Indian users. However, it has been careful in expanding its content library in recent times.
hotstar vip vs hotstar premium
Hotstar VIP or Premium
It recently merged with Disney and change its name to Disney+ Hotstar. It also includes some significant international and local content. There are two types of subscriptions to cater to a wider audience. They are Hotstar VIP Pass and Hotstar Premium subscription. We will explain in detail which of these is the best choice. Stay tuned and read the complete post.

Hotstar VIP Vs Hotstar Premium

The live stream sports events streaming international content streaming service has two types of viewers. The first category of viewers is completely interested in watching a live stream of major sporting events and is more interested in its content library. The second category of visitors is interested in coming to Hotstar for its extensive international and local content library. Hotstar offers users two types of subscriptions in India to better cater to its audience. They are Hotstar VIP and Premium. VIP Subscription is a subscription for users who are completely interested in watching the live stream of various sporting events.
The premium subscription provides access to Hotstar’s entire list of content and live streaming of all sporting events. Hotstar subscription will be very cheap. The VIP subscription is Rs.365 per year. Also, the premium is Rs.999. It also gives you the option to subscribe to Hotstar Premium by paying Rs.299 per month. Content delivery from Hotstar reduces the portion you need to subscribe to multiple game channels on your DTH / cable connection. So this is a costly and important note here is that if you want to use the service when Hotstar is out of India it is not possible for you. Because it is only available to users in India.

Hotstar VIP Vs Premium Subscription – Channels Available

You can watch all the live sporting events streamed by Star Sports Network in Hotstar VIP India. You can also watch live cricket, Premier League, Formula 1, and more. In addition, Hotstar offers Indian movie premieres and exclusive Hotstar specials. Almost all content is available to VIP subscribers, except for US / international TV shows and movies. Also selected international and Hollywood movies are available on Hotstar VIP. But all of these will be in local languages without English. Also, the info on Hotstar VIP ads are not much.
Hotstar Premium allows access to the latest American shows and Hollywood blockbusters. Truth be told, you can access the latest American TV shows streamed on Hotstar in the United States within minutes. You can also access Indian TV shows daily at 6 am. It’s good to remember that you can only stream premium content.

Jio Users – Free Hotstar Subscription

Reliance Jio and Jio Fiber allow users to offer free Hotstar subscriptions. Jio allows users to access live games, prime-time episodes, and selected Indian movies for free. They do not, however, have access to premium English content.

Upgrading Strategy from Hotstar VIP to Hotstar Premium Subscription

If you want to upgrade from Hotstar VIP to Hotstar Premium, you can upgrade by paying the difference. This is an excellent secret strategy.
hotstar vip vs premium
Hotstar VIP or Premium Price

Difference between Hotstar VIP and Premium

Hotstar Premium

  • Hotstar  Premium subscription is Rs.999 per year. But now it is Rs.1499 per year. 
  • This includes Live Sports: Including Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1., Indian TV Shows, New Indian Movie Premieres, Exclusive Hotstar Specials, Disney + Content (in English) +, Latest American TV Shows, and Hollywood Blockbusters.
  • Often there are no ads. 
  • It does not change your plan.
Hotstar VIP
  • Hotstar VIP subscription is Rs.365 per year. But at present, it is Rs.399 for the first year from April 2020.
  • This includes Live Sports: Including Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1, Indian TV Shows, New Indian Movie Premieres, Exclusive Hotstar Specials, Disney + Content in dubbed languages like Hindi, Tamil, etc.
  • These include customized ads.
  • You can change your plan if you want. This gives you the option to change the plan. You can switch to a premium by paying the difference for it.


Going for a premium or VIP plan can be a matter of choosing content. The premium plan is simply VIP + all international content (Hollywood movies + American TV shows). Hotstar’s premium plan is available with Amazon Prime for 999 / year. It will give you all the Hotstar content. But if you want to use Hotstar only for its game content, it is better to go for VIP if you want to save money. In particular, if you are not a big fan of international movies and TV shows, a VIP subscription is the best solution. If you do not want to spend money, you can opt for the Hotstar Premium plan which offers you all the content on Hotstar. If you have any concerns please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.
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