How to Install Hotstar for Android TV Free – Guide

Hotstar for Android TV: Hello folks, Welcome to our tech solution blog. Here we see the installation steps of Hotstar on Android TV. We all know about TV it in one of the main entertaining elements for us. TV is the most important entertainment device. It has multiple channels. We see many favorite shows through this. We spend most of our entertainment time watching movies, serials, events, sports and live shows. Nowadays, with modern technology, we have put the Android software on the mobile that we use and bring it to the TV we use. We can use this TV on Android TV ie all the Android apps we use on our mobile. Today’s modern technology is able to make use of all the apps on Android Mobile that can be used on this Android TV. We are going to talk about how to use Hotstar on Android TV. Now we will talk about Hotstar app and Android TV in detail.
Hotstar for Android TV
Hotstar for Android TV

Hotstar TV App:

hotstar on smart tv
The Hotstar app is a multi-channel android application. There are many channels available in this Hotstar app. Star channels like Star Vijay and Star Movies, are a few examples. We can watch the entire show on these channels through this Hotstar app. We can repeat the shows shown not only in their own time but at any time. We can also find many new movies at a premium fee. We will look at the steps to install Hotstar Android TV in detail. Android TV is the smart TV that we use in all our homes in recent days. There will be a lot of options on this smart Android TV. They are running on the Android operating system. We call Android TV because of the way we use Android software on our mobile TV. With this Android TV. You can run all the android apps on this Android TV. Android TV is the only such TV Like the small mobile phone in our hand, the biggest Android mobile in our home. This Android TV can run all the apps on our mobile device. Everything you see on a small screen everything you see on mobile phone with a small screen can be viewed on the big screen in our home. It would be easy to run it. We will now discuss in detail how to use this Hotstar for Android TV.
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Hotstar for Android TV Free Download

For the past few years, Hotstar subscribers have been requesting and expecting the application for android smart-tv and finally, Hotstar tried to bring it to the Android TV. It has also been successful. It also adds Apple TV and Fire TV applications so the hardware doesn’t need to use Chromecast to get the Hotstar experience. This method can be used on our big screen in the Google Play Store in India, USA, and Canada. The Hotstar app has the look of using the interface on Android mobile. You can watch TV shows, Movies, Sports, News, in Many Languages, and many other categories that have the same categories of websites. The layout on this Hotstar for Android TV is in the most simple to understand format. Hotstar provides you with an understanding of how many gigabytes an hour can take. Just like watching shows on Hotstar on our mobile, we have the functionality of looking for shows on TV. 
Hotstar for Android TV is a great streaming service in India. Hotstar currently serves as one of the most successful applications among Indians. It is also an entertainment application. It was created by Star India Private Limited and given to us. The Hotstar app allows users to view new features on Android TVs such as TV shows, cricket matches, and more. Now let’s see the installation steps of Hotstar Android smart TV.

Steps to Install Hotstar for Android TV/Smart TV:

  • First, you need to open the Google Play Store on your Android TV.
  • From the Google Play Store, you need to type Hotstar in the search box and click the search button.
  • Hotstar is available to you once you click it.
  • You need to download this Hotstar and install it on your Android TV.
hotstar android tv install
  • Now Hotstar is installed on your Android TV. If your smart tv is not an android tv then you can connect an android box device that will make your normal basic LED tv into Android smart tv.
  • Open Hotstat on android tv and you can start watching your favorite tv shows with your family and friends.
  • In this way, you can use Hotstar on your Android TV.


This is how you can install Hotstar on Android TV. The Hotstar app on your mobile can no longer be used by everyone from your home to your TV. This means that everyone in the family can enjoy using Android TV. We hope that the method we have told you about how to install and use Hotstar for Android TV is simple. Thank you for visiting our blog.
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