Master the Various Tools For Your PDF Files With PDFBear

Best Tool for PDF files: Since the pandemic has started, most people in one country and globally are forced to stay inside their houses and do their jobs at home. That’s why there’s been increased growth in the use of MS Office programs, and all works are being sent through their company email address or other emails such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more.

Various Tools in PDFBear

Converting your MS Office files to PDF is necessary to avoid any alterations, viruses, and even file corruption. There are hundreds of online converters on the web nowadays, and not everyone is safe to use, except for the well-known PDFBear website, which is fully equipped with all the different tools needed for a PDF file, like the ones mentioned below.

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Combine Different PDF Files with PDFBear

The combine PDF tool is handy to any person fully loaded with various files that can consume your device’s space. When working at home, you need to save enough space on your desktop to avoid making your processor slow, especially if your laptop or computer is outdated. Good thing PDFBear has this unique tool as a solution to your problem.

merge PDF files with pdfbear

The Merge PDF in their toolbox can help you combines different files into one file in four simple steps. First, you have to upload the various PDF files to their dropbox. Next, the PDF combiner will merge the files into one in just a few minutes; when done, you can modify your files and click the combine button before downloading them to your device.

Delete PDF Pages with PDFBear

The Delete PDF pages tool is a solution to your problem whenever you encounter unnecessary pages in a file that you don’t need. Through this tool, you can delete those pages and reduce your file’s size so that it can free up some space in your device and make it a lot easier to be sent to different recipients.

To successfully solve this problem, all you have to do is follow the simple steps on the PDFBaar website. Select the file that you want to remove some pages from, then when uploaded, select the different pages that you want to delete and then click the “Apply changes” button. Once done, wait until the file is updated; you can freely download your file to your device.

Convert Your Excel File to PDF

PDFBear has different conversion tools when it comes to MS office programs to a PDF files. There are many reasons why you must convert them to PDF, not only for security. For an Excel conversion, you should always convert them to PDF to avoid changes in your formulas and financial presentations and also to avoid your file from getting corrupted.

Converting them to a PDF file will fully secure all your formulas and the content of your excel before sending them to other people. Through the help of PDFBear, you can make this happen by following these simple four simple steps:

excel to pdf using pdfbear
  • Upload the Excel file that you want to convert to PDF in their dropbox.
  • When the uploading is complete, an option box is available for you to choose from.
  • After choosing your necessary options, you can freely click the “convert” button and then wait for a few minutes until the conversion is done.
  • When the conversion is done, you may download your file to your computer.

PDF Reader

PDF Reader is a demand for most people who don’t have a PDF app installed on their phones, laptops, and computers. You don’t need to stress yourself about finding a PDF reader online because PDFBear has it all. You can use their PDF reader tool for free since they are giving trials for several days.

You can also edit, share, and even print the file in just a few clicks! Just upload the file that you wish to open and then wait for a few seconds; the PDF reader will present the document in a viewable format. After that, you can easily edit, share, or preview the file and then click the download button to save the file to your device.

Add Watermark with PDFBear

Through the help of PDFBear, you can add a customized watermark to your file for free. First, upload the file to their website; then, your file will be opened once done. Afterward, you can type the text or select an image available as your watermark and select the position you want it to be placed.

If everything is done, you can apply the changes that you made to your file and then click the download button with your new file immediately to your device.


PDFBear is a handy website with all the services you might need when it comes to your PDF files. To know more tools, you can freely visit their website now.

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