What Is Spoofing Calls? How to Find the Spoof Caller? -Latest Guide

What is Spoofing Calls? Before mobile phone technology came into existence, there were telephones. They were the most mysterious gadgets, especially when you were receiving a call. It was difficult to know who was at the end of that phone call because they did not have a screen or a ringtone.

What is Spoofing?
What is Spoofing?

With mobile phones becoming an integral part of everyone’s life, you can now know who is calling. But it is not as easy when the caller spoofs his phone number. That can irritate you, especially if you do not know what to do. In this article, we will explain what spoofing is all about. We also show you how you can know the person who is calling you using CocoFinder’s reverse lookup.

Spoofing explained

Spoofed phone calls are frequent nowadays since there are apps that can help you hide your number. When you spoof your phone number, it means that you will change your number, and then the person will see another number. Most of the time, it could be a local number. Most of the time, telemarketers and scammers use this method. They know that people do not like them, and so, they hide their real numbers to carry out their intentions. Besides that, they also understand that no one can ignore a call with a local extension.

how to find spoof caller

Again, when you answer the phone, a robot or salesperson will answer. Hence, it makes it even more challenging to identify the caller.

What to Do About Spoofed Calls?

Regardless, not all spoofed calls are bad. Sometimes, friends or close relatives could be pranking. They are just having fun. On the other hand, scammers could be on the verge of acquiring your details.

Hence, this calls for immediate attention.

When you go to CocoFinder, you can solve this problem. The site has a fully functional reverse phone lookup that lets you know the true caller without their knowledge.

Understanding what CocoFinder is

trace the spoof calls

CocoFinder is an established people search service with various functionalities that assist? you in knowing the identity of any caller. They are a reliable site since they have millions that subscribe to their services, and significant online brands such as Life Hacker, CNET, PCMag, and Digital Trends recommend this site to people who are looking for a reliable phone lookup service.

To add to that, CocoFinder is free. It offers unlimited searches to users without asking them for any donations or amounts. They also provide accurate results on every reverse phone lookup search.

CocoFinder also has an extensive database. They collect this information from public records, third-party sites, and government sites. If you would like to remove your details from their database, you can contact customer care, and they should help you do that immediately.

Finding the Spoof Caller

When you go to the site’s reverse phone lookup section, you need to copy and paste the phone number. Click search and let the system do its job. It goes through its extensive database to see if it can find a match.

find the spoof caller id

The site assures you accurate results nine out of ten times. When you get the report, you should be able to know the name of the caller, their addresses, contact information, social media profiles, and some alternative phone numbers that they own.

After Finding the Caller:

When you find the identity of the caller, the next thing is to know what to do. Do you block them? Alternatively, do you call them back?

You can block them if they are a telemarketer.

On the other hand, if you call them back, ensure that you avoid giving them any critical personal details. It would be best if you did not share things like bank accounts or social security numbers with anyone. You can also call law enforcement officers if you do not feel safe. They have the tools needed to track that number.


Finding the owner of the spoofed call is that simple, especially when using CocoFinder. Note that some sites find it hard to track spoofed calls. That is why you should trust this site. Remember, blocking a spoofed call does not stop the caller from calling you again. It only means that you have prevented them from using that number to reach you. Thanks for your visit.

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