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Software for Remote Work: The current state of affairs worldwide has created the need for remote working. The businesses that did not support remote working faced evident bottlenecks in their functioning. On the contrary, the businesses that did support the remote working change were able to sustain it. So, by our learnings of catastrophes and exigencies, are we sure that we are ready to support remote working if required? A lot of remote working tools and software have seen a sudden and rampant growth in their customer base. Businesses are trying to adapt to the change, for the better!

As businesses, we all take pride in our business infrastructure. Our fax machines are the most recent and well functioning, so are our printers and all supportive equipment. But, is buying the most expensive fax machine going to help you in remote working? No!

Best Remote work Software
Best Remote work Software

You can check details of how fax has evolved over time, with no dependency on the office fax machine. This is an added advantage in the scenarios where remote working is necessitated. There has been a sudden splurge in applications and software that assist in completely remote sending and receiving faxes.

CocoFax- Best Free Fax Number Provider

If you search for an online fax service, you will find many alternatives. Even big technology giants have ventured into this arena considering the importance fax documents hold in business communication.

While you will find many alternatives, none of them provide the kind of convenience and excellence such as CocoFax. As a virtual fax service provider, CocoFax allows one many alternatives to being able to send and receive a fax.

It promises so many amazing features and functions that make it stand out and apart from other online fax services. It has a very proliferating customer base by virtue of its awesomeness and convenience.

Further, when you open a CocoFax account, you get a free fax number. You are also provided with a free 30-day trial that can be used to ascertain your convenience and ease with the app. If you try the software once, there is no way you will want to back out from it.

Sending and Receiving faxes online

You can operate CocoFaxin in multiple ways. Either through email services or through direct account sign-up and subscription, you can send and receive faxes almost instantly. CocoFax is compatible with all leading emails like yahoo mail, outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

CocoFax Sign Up

It is immensely easy to sign up for a CocoFax account. You are just required to opt for subscribing to the faxing services offered by CocoFax. The application also offers a free 30-day trial that allows users to attain a first-hand experience of using the software.

A lot of online faxing software claim to be offering free demos or free trials but none of them are even close to CocoFax inefficiency. If you cancel the subscription before the expiry of the trial period, you would not be charged a penny extra.

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CocoFax User-Friendly Dashboard

The shift from traditional faxing in the form of fax machines to online faxing can create feelings of apprehension in the users. This feeling is legitimate if the online faxing software is not very user-friendly.

Even first-timers with online faxing can feel completely at ease with CocoFax as the platform has a very user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard is very informative and actively supports users in their functions.

cocofax homepage

Fax Identity

You do not have to buy a fax machine or even apply for a fax number when using CocoFax. You can engage in sending and receiving faxes just through a CocoFax connection and an internet-compatible gadget.

One of the most popular ways of using CocoFax is sending and receiving faxes through email because it is extremely convenient. You can just use your email and sending a fax or receiving a fax would just be like sending and receiving a regular email.

You should know that email and fax machines are two inherently different types of functions. Emails work in a digital mode and fax machines work in an analog telephonic mode. CocoFax acts as a connecting factor between these two fundamentally different modes of communication.

Sending Fax Using CocoFax

You can send a fax to a virtual fax number or a fax machine by using CocoFax. All you need to do is just add the suffix after the designated fax number. Let’s suppose the fax number is 1234567.

Having stated the fax number, for sending a fax to this number from CocoFax, you need to add the designated CocoFax suffix. So, in the ‘Recipient’ or ‘To’ section of the email, you need to enter 

Now, CocoFax will send your fax documents in email format directly to the fax number under question. You would also attain a delivery notification once the fax is so sent.

Compatibility with Attachments

CocoFax is compatible with all forms of attachments like doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, png, and jpg files. One must take note that regardless of the document attachment type, it can only be received in a pdf format.

Receiving fax through CocoFax

Receiving faxes is furthermore simpler than sending faxes. As you will be provided a free fax number with CocoFax, whenever you receive a fax on that number, you will receive a ping on your inbox. You will never miss a fax and you don’t have to worry whether the fax machine is on or off.



When it comes to remote working, business communication suffers an inevitable blow because of a lack of preparedness. Fancy office equipment might look good, but why resort to them when you have a much more inexpensive and flexible way to operate such as CocoFax.

With CocoFax, you can check the details of your fax remotely, send faxes remotely, and receive them immediately in an informed manner. You will not have to rush to the office to send or receive a fax. If this is not the best remote software to function on, what is?

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