Download Aptoide for Android TV – New version

Aptoide for Android TV: Hello friend. Welcome to our tech solution blog. Do you want to install the best app store called Aptoide on Android TV? Then you are in the right place here we give you the complete details about Aptoide tv apk and how to install Aptoide in Android TV. Android TV is an advance TV running on the Android operating system. That means It is similar to an android mobile phone with a bigger screen. Android TV is an entertainment device that is used by millions of people out there.

aptoide for android tv
Aptoide for Android TV

 It is a basic entertainment device and it is available on everyone’s home. This TV will have multiple channels in many languages. In normal Tv, we can watch movies, serials, songs, news, and shows. But with this Android TV, we can find more interesting things like playing games, surfing the internet and many features are there with Smart TV. everyone in the family can take advantage of Android TV. Parents can monitor and control their children to watch on Android TV in particular. Now, let’s look into the detail about the Aptoide tv app and how to install it on Android TV.

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What is the Aptoide App?

Aptoide tv apk

Aptoide is an app for installing mobile applications running on the Android operating system. It is a software market application. Aptoide is an app that lets every user manage their own shop, unlike the Google Play Store. It is published by a non-profit organization called Aptoide S.A. So this app is a free application. It is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. The Aptoide application has several versions. The company has developed many applications for children and adults. Installation is quick and easy as the application has a limited MB. This app available for various devices like Apple TV – version for smart TVs and SDPs, developed for Aptoide VR, Aptoide for Android Kids, smartphones and tablets. Okay, let’s look at the features of the Aptoide app before download it on your android smart tv. Most of the people using the apps without knowing its features so try to know and use all the features. 

Features of the Aptoide for Android TV:

aptoide for android tv
Aptoide for android tv
  • The Aptoide app is another Google Play Store where you can get all applications.
  • All types of applications are available in this independent android app market.
  • This is one of the safest Android app stores so you can find and install all new features app with this app.
  • This Aptoide powering it with the 6 top smartphone brand in the world.
  • This is the first app store that is using app coins cryptocurrency.
  • Aptoide Tv is one of the best alternative app stores for Android TV.  In this Aptoide TV, you can get more than 2000+ applications.
These are all the main features of the Aptoide Tv app for Android TV. Let look at the steps to install Aptoide on Android TV.

    Installing on Aptoide for Android TV:

    • Installing an android app on Android TV is usually similar to Android mobile.
    • Install Aptoide for Android TV is the same way as installing it on Android Mobile.
    • First, you need to connect the internet to your Android TV.
    • Then open Google on the browser then type “Aptoide” in it and go to its official website.
    • Otherwise, go to
    • There you will be given a button to download the Aptoide app for various devices. 
    • Click on the android version and let it install on your Android TV.
    • Now this application will start installing on your Android TV.
    • The Aptoide app is now ready to use.
    • Aptoide is a free application so you can start using it right away.
    This is the easy way to download and install the Aptoide app on Smart TV. Please share your experience with us in the below comment section.


    This is how you can simply install Aptoide in Android TV. The Aptoide app is the best alternative for the Google Play Store. It is not available on google play store. So go to the official website and install it in safe mode. This is the best and simplest way. It is not safe to go to any other site. The Aptoide app has many versions for children and adults. Installing it on Android TV is very easy. Also, the size is too low and the installation will end quickly. The Internet does not need to spend much. You can install Aptoide for Android TV in a simple way. Thank you for visiting our blog. keep following my blog for more updates.

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