How to Install ShareIt for Android Smart TV?

ShareIt for Android TV: Hello folks, Welcome to our fox tech zone blog. Do you want to use one of the best file sharing application called Shareit on Android TV? Then you are landed in the correct place. Here in this post, we provide you the complete guide of how to use the Shareit app on Android smart TV. Normally we transfer a file from one device to another, either through the Internet or through a Pendrive. Doing so will inconvenience us. Because there is no internet connection on the device, or you do not have a Pendrive, it will be impossible. One solution to this problem is the Shereit application. With this app, you can easily transfer files from one device to another. You don’t need a website to do them. Just acting through wireless. Okay, let’s see more about the Shareit app and how to use Shareit on Android TV.
ShareIt for Android TV
ShareIt for Android TV

What is the ShareIt App?

shareit for smart tv
ShareIt is one of the best android application which is released by SHAREit Technologies Co Ltd. Before we learn about Shareit for Android TV, first let’s try to know about the Shareit app and its features. SHAREit is one of the best sharing applications with fast transfer speed with the cross-platform feature. This app is not only for file sharing also you can watch movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs and much more. This application includes a powerful media player. This app is used to manage your own videos and music. It is also located in your favorite location. This application can send files in many formats from one device to another, without the help of the website. We will now go into detail about the best features of the Shareit app below. TV is one of the most popular entertainment devices in our home. Android TV has the advantage of the Android operating system on that TV. This means that all the features in the Android Mobile will be on Android TV. 
Android TV is similar to an android mobile on a bigger screen. As far as Android mobile is concerned, you only get one. But your family can use it together on Android TV. Also, if you think about your kids watching shows, Android TV has the ability to control. This TV will make the family feel like a family gathering in a movie theatre. Now we will look at the details about the Shareit app features.

Features of Shareit for Android TV:

  • Shareit app can transfer files up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Video, audio, images, Apk and many types of file formats can be sent from one device to another device using the Shareit app on android TV.
  • This application does not require internet access to send files. This application works with a wireless connection to send files (WIFI).
  • It contains countless online videos you can enjoy watching free videos.
  • This Shareit app has a nice video player with advanced options.
  • There are millions of high-quality songs on the Shareit app.
  • This application allows you to transfer files from any device to any device. That means it allows you to switch between mobile, PC, tablet and laptop, as well as Windows and Mac.

These are all the main features of the Shareit app on smart tv. Now, let’s look into detail on how to install on Shareit app on the TV.

Download and Install Shareit on Android TV:

  • Installing an app on Android tv is as easy as installing it on Android Mobile. It is a very simple process to download and install it on smart tv.
  • Connect the Internet to Android TV and open the Google Play Store. Do the sign-in process using google account.
  • Type and search the “Shareit app” in the open Google App Store.
  • From the shown result download and install the available Shareit app on your Android TV.
  • You can also download the Shareit Apk from the official webpage.
  • Since this is a free application, you can open the Shareit app installed on your Android TV and start using it right away. Now, this application is ready.
These are all the main steps to download and install the Shareit app on android smart tv.


Install the Shareit app on Android TV in a simple way. You can simply send any kind of files to any device using the Shareit app on your Android TV. This is possible only with the Shareit application. You can also send files through Wireless using the Shareit app without a website. This application is very simple to handle. We hope you will benefit from this article. Thank you for visit guys.
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