6 Best Online Earning Sports in Betting Markets India

Online Earning Sports: Chances are that even without looking at a map, you’ll appreciate the enormity and matching population size of India. Given the sheer quantity of people, there’s a decent market of sports fans. Indian news outlets report that around 140 million people in the country already partake in online gambling in India. Data trends project that this will only grow in size between 2023 and 2027. But what sports should these bettors wager on?

Online Earning Sports

6 Best Online Earning Sports

1. Cricket

Is there any surprise that cricket is the most popular sport in India? The nation celebrates a deep connection with the sport, as well as being rather good at it. The Indian Premier League is also considered to be one of the most prestigious T20 tournaments on the cricket calendar.

Cricket is easily the most popular sport to watch in India and it’s loved by so many, so it makes complete sense that it’s also where most players will start when they take their first steps into online gambling in India. Cricket is widely available to watch across channels like Star Sports and Sony Network meaning that gamblers can watch the matches they’ve wagered on.

While UK bookmakers usually incentivize sign-ups through lucrative football odds, their Indian counterparts usually do the same with cricket. The global cricket betting market suggests that international tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy are the most popular for those wanting a wager, yet other key events shouldn’t be excluded, especially given the rise of short-format cricket.

2. Football

The global appeal of football betting stretches well beyond England and other key markets, as India, more than enjoys a wager on the beautiful game. While the Indian Super League is only growing in stature and popularity as the domestic league, it’s the Premier League from England that leads the Indian football betting stats.

English football typically translates to convenient times for Indian sports fans who looking to relax at 9 pm when the games usually kick off in the local time. Furthermore, historically big clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal are revered with immense popularity within India. Although the Indian Premier League does attract a good number of fans, it’s clear that the Premier League is still the main football attraction.

One key market which has proven itself to be popular with Indian football bettors is to predict the winning margin that a team will triumph by. Again, looking at the three teams the populace typically supports, they usually win and do so handsomely. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night watching your team win by three clear goals and get paid in the process?

3. Field Hockey

India has a very long lineage with field hockey. Eight-time Olympic champions, former World Cup winner, and multiple Asian continent trophies, it’s clear to see why certain Indian generations gladly reminisce about field hockey. While the sport isn’t as commonplace in other countries, Indians can enjoy betting on Hockey India League or the national team.

4. Ice Hockey

Given how much India loves field hockey, it feels like a natural progression for the Indian gambling demographic to warm to ice hockey wagering. The game is very similar in its mechanics, so there is little to learn of the sport, other than the surface played on is much colder.

Budding Indian ice hockey punters will also benefit from a greater schedule and a wealth of opportunities to enjoy a bet. The NHL has 1312 games per season as each of the 32 teams plays 82 matches, allowing for many gambling opportunities.

5. Tennis

It’s been reported by national data collectors that around 33% of the Indian population watch the Grand Slam tournaments and that 23% of Indians play tennis recreationally. This has led some to believe that tennis is second only to cricket in overall sports popularity, even with the emergence of football.

Tennis has long been a favorite for sports gambling given that there are only two possible outcomes given the sport does not observe draws. The in-game markets also tend to be rather simple like match winner, number of aces, set winner, etc.

Another appealing attribute is that tennis is played pretty much non-stop from January to December with ATP, WTA, and ITF events usually stockpiling the sports pages of sports apps.

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6. Baseball

Given the enormous popularity of cricket, it seems only logical that Indian sports bettors should consider a wager on baseball. While the sports have major cultural differences both can be traced back to England; as well as having similar rule sets.

Overall the core structure of both sports is to throw, hit and catch balls with the assistance of a piece of wood. Given these similarities the MLB is keen to tap into India as a marketplace, so Indian sports fans can expect more and more baseball in the coming years.

Cricket fans who aren’t completely sold on the idea because they aren’t au fait with baseball needn’t fear. There are multiple ways to watch baseball with MLB.tv now available in India, YouTube showing one game for free every week, some games on Star Sports, and some more on the FanCode service. The latter even shows games from the Korean league!

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