Building Your Brand with Performance Marketing

The success of your brand is essential to building a business that stands the test of time. Marketing shapes branding yet the days of conventional outbound ads are giving way to a new era dominated by inbound marketing.

performance marketing

Focus on performance marketing and your brand will stand a decent chance of reaching its full potential. Performance marketing platforms are certainly important. However, it is the quality of the content placed on those platforms that make the difference between a meaningful impression that enhances brand awareness and content that is soon forgotten.

Why Performance Marketing Matters for Branding

Performance marketing is an integral component of branding yet it is often overlooked as it resides somewhat on the periphery, distanced from the majority of the marketing spectrum. This approach to marketing zeroes in on its namesake: performance. However, performance marketing is centered on achieving short-term results through obtaining leads, converting those leads, and generating sales.

Performance marketing is driven by data through abm playbook with an overarching aim of providing a significant return in the near future. This approach to marketing contrasts with brand marketing which is geared toward long-term success. However, the two reinforce one another for significant impact.

Combine performance marketing for short-term engagement with additional brand marketing materials and they’ll work off one another, creating a meaningful impression that builds brand allegiance today, tomorrow, and also in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Put Your Creativity on Full Display

The most successful performance marketing is fueled by creativity. These marketing campaigns run on algorithms that ultimately help boost key performance indicators that gauge marketing success. Above all, piquing the interest of the target audience through performance marketing is essential to brand exposure and building brand loyalty.

Creative video content is an integral component of performance marketing. More than half of all consumers view video content before making a purchase. If your business isn’t connecting with customers through engaging video content that is highly creative, it will be that much more difficult to build a brand that has staying power. Analyze the TV-watching trends and use what you learn from that analysis to create compelling video content that will compel your audience to remember your brand, follow through as paying customers and remember the brand’s identifiers (logo, colors, slogan, etc.) moving forward.

If you aren’t a creative person, consider adding a video marketing expert to the team to develop video content that makes a powerful impact within seconds. Creative video content complemented by additional performance marketing content steers online traffic toward your sales funnel top whereupon they are that much more likely to move downward and become paying customers. These valued customers have the potential to not only remember the brand and recommend it to friends but most importantly, remain loyal to the brand.

Use Data to Your Advantage

The most successful performance marketing in the context of branding is that which is driven by data. Use the data at your fingertips to understand your audience and create marketing content that generates interest to find the demand for your value proposition increases in unison with your brand awareness and ensuing brand loyalty.

The journey to increasing brand loyalty requires an understanding of your target audience’s behavior and preferences. Analyze the customer personas’ buying journeys as they progress toward and through the sales funnel, gear your performance marketing content with the subtleties of these journeys in mind and the return on investment might surpass your expectations.

As an example, using tools and approaches to track customer behavior (after obtaining their consent) will help your business better understand consumer behavior. Use the ensuing data to craft compelling marketing material tailored to prospects’ preferences across a plethora of channels and you’ll stand a much better chance of making an impact in the context of branding.

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Keep an Open Mind and Remain Flexible

Performance marketing is evolving with each passing year. The techniques and strategies that work best today are not guaranteed to be optimal a year from now or a decade into the future. Implement performance marketing approaches ranging from outreaches featuring discounts to free delivery, video content, and other ads that tell stories through creative approaches. Do not lose sight of the overarching goal which is consumer engagement.

Review your performance marketing material at least once each financial quarter, reflect on its impact, and adjust accordingly. It might also make sense to present your performance marketing material to focus groups or other target buyer personas to get immediate feedback in regard to the content’s impact on brand perception.

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