How to Remove Instagram Followers without Blocking?

Remove Instagram Followers: When you talk about Instagram followers, they are just figures because some don’t like or comment on your post. Thus, those followers are essential for you who are engaged with your content. If you have many followers who don’t respond to you, they are useless to you.

Remove Instagram Followers

The only strategy that can work to engage your audience is unfollowing fake followers. Or unfollow phony accounts that have no interaction with your account. Instagram was the only platform that allowed the private account to unfollow bots’ followers. But the same features have also moved on to the business and public profiles.

Remember, nothing can last forever, particularly for Instagram followers. Finally, the wait is over for unfollowing your followers instantly from your profile. Instagram gives you the option to remove followers without blocking them. All will do with easy steps.

How to delete IG followers without blocking them?

Instagram allows you to remove or block followers from your profile if they are annoying you. Unfollowing Instagram followers mean ending a relationship. Besides, you can easily remove followers on the Instagram account from Android and iOS devices.

remove followers instagram

But Instagram doesn’t allow removing followers from the desktop system. Follow these steps to remove followers.

  • Open Instagram on your device and assess your account
  • Go to followers on the top side, and it will display the follower list on your screen
  • Scroll down to the flower list even you will find the followers want to get rid
  • Click three dots from your profile
  • Click remove

Do you know what happens with your IG account while removing followers? Nothing happens to your account because Instagram doesn’t tell the specific follower you have cleared away. Your followers only cannot view your posts in the news feed.

If they have any concerns with your account, try to explore that they are no longer your followers. But these chances are rarely occurring. If followers realize that you have unfollowed them, they will again follow you. But if you don’t like to stay following you, you can block them, and they will never find you again.

How to delete fake Instagram followers?

Fake followers come from fake accounts and have no real advantages for your account. Besides, fake followers are bots that don’t belong here are the specs on real followers. Similarly, your account might have ghost followers who are legitimate but inactive.

However, you can easily recognize fake ghost followers, but with a massive following base, it can take time to identify and remove them from your account. Perhaps a third-party app can identify fake followers and kick them out of your account. But inspect your follower accounts and if to fit in the following scenario.

  • Poor quality image or without image profile
  • The account has no post, and if there is, it will be of poor quality
  • There will be no followers or a poor ratio of followers
  • The username has random letters and numbers
  • No bio or completely generic

Check one by one all followers and find out which one is a fake follower, and remove them from the following list.

  • Click three horizontal dots on the follower account
  • Click remove
  • Once everything is set, go to the next follower and repeat the same process.

How to remove mass followers on Instagram?

Well, the listed above method is good enough to delete or remove one or two followers. But users need a way to eliminate mass followers and save time together.

remove followers instagram-2

Instagram doesn’t offer such solutions to delete or remove bulk options followers. For this purpose, you can get help from a third-party app to remove mass followers. Follow the below guidelines to clean your Instagram account.

  • Download a specific third-party app and open it
  • Sign in to your IG account
  • Click ‘authorize’
  • Choose followers
  • Scroll down the list and select all fake followers you want to remove.
  • Click three horizontal dots that will display at the top of the screen

So, through this app, you can block mass followers from your IG account easily.

Can Instagram remove fake followers?

Instagram always tries to break down fraudulent accounts. On the other hand, if you use a third-party app to increase followers, this is against Instagram policies, and it can suspend your account. So, avoid using unethical practices to remove real or fake followers and try a manual process. Similarly, you can report fake accounts on Instagram even if they don’t follow you. Follow these steps.

  • Access account. You might feel unreal.
  • Press three dots on the user account
  • Click report
  • Instagram will view your report and hang a specific account if it is fake.

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Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, followers are significant for the growth of your IG account, but fake followers are useless. You are an account holder and have the authority to restrict or block followers you don’t want to see in your following list.

Always look at engaged followers because they follow you genuinely. If a follower doesn’t ‘like or comment on your post, you should remove them from your account and make the ground clear for real followers.

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