9 Reasons Why Instagram Reels are Not Gaining Views

Instagram Reels: ‘Reels’ – One of the buzzing features of Instagram is a go-to option for users to reach a broader audience in minimal duration. This is because viewers spend most of their time scrolling through Reel videos in this visual application. By clearly understanding this, both aspiring and popular creators started posting Reels.

But the most common challenge that all Reel creators face at times is getting fewer views for their Reels. The newbies scratch their heads without knowing the right reasons. Even some creators stop posting Reels and jump into other options. Though it seems challenging to overcome, learning from the mistakes and fixing them will resolve your problem.

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For instance, you shall buy instagram reels views to increase content visibility and expand the reach effortlessly. Interested to know more? All right! This article will give you a set of reasons that may impact the growth of your Reel videos and suitable solutions to garner the expected outcome. Let’s get started!

#1 You May Have Device or Network Issues

Views won’t get down for all the Reels videos. It might happen at times due to several reasons. First, there are chances that your Reel video is not uploaded correctly to the app. So it is better to log out of your respective Instagram account and log in again to fix any device or network issues. It may get resolved as soon as possible if it is a simple issue. Else it would be best if you tried out different tactics to resolve the issue.

#2 Your App Might Not Be Updated

Generally, the Instagram application releases the latest updates at regular intervals to resolve bugs or any other issues. However, people who use Instagram on smartphones might be missed to update the app. So, check whether you are using the earlier version or the new version of the application. If you are using the older version, take steps to update it through your app store. Otherwise, jump into other tactics that can fix your views on Instagram Reels.

#3 Your Video Might Be Poor Quality

Who would like to watch a video that is low in resolution and poor in quality? This might be a reason for your fewer views on Reels. Hence it is recommended to capture a Reel video in high quality with good cameras. And edit the video with additional effects to engage and interest audiences. If your Reel is eye-catching, it will gain good engagement for sure. Further, combine your high-quality video with FollowFormation to boost your content reach and build engagement in no time.

#4 You Might Have Recycled Content

Instagram always focuses on the content that is curated, especially for its native users. Repurposing content is best for saving your time and effort. But posting the same content that is created for another app and posting it with a watermark may affect your content quality. So, it is advisable to create original content for the respective application. Otherwise, smartly edit the captured video as per the format and guidelines before posting it.

#5 Your Video Might Not Be Vertical

A Reel video is all about sharing short-form videos in vertical format. It is nothing but the video that occupies the entire screen. In such a case, posting a Reel horizontally or in any other format might impact the user experience. As a result, your Reel video will get only lesser results when compared to videos created vertically. So then, why do you do so? Instead of uploading unsuitable content, post videos according to the application’s format.

#6 Your Content Might Not Be Interesting

You might be aware that a Reel video only lasts for fewer seconds, from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Being a content creator, you should put effort into conveying all the information within the available duration. Also, you need to hook audiences in the first 3 seconds as the video is too short. Otherwise, they may skip your video and move on to the next. So, don’t copy the content of other creators or fail to engage viewers with your content immediately.

#7 Your Video was Shared at Random Time

Content posting time matters more when it comes to attaining more views on Instagram. Imagine you are uploading a video in your leisure time. Do you think your audience will be right there to view your content? That’s rare! So, experiment with different timings when your target audiences are active and schedule posts in advance. This way, you can take your content in front of many users and garner good views as well as engagement.

#8 Your Video Might Not Be Optimized

With the craze of getting likes and views, some people might post Reels without optimizing them for the application. A complete Reel consists of visual content, captions, and hashtags. Imagine you post a video without any details on your profile. Does it make any sense? No.

So, take your time to craft vibrant visuals, compelling captions, powerful CTA, and relevant hashtags to make the most of your Reels. Besides, you shall take advantage of FollowFormation to increase the number of views and maximize the chance of getting featured on Instagram.

#9 You Might Have Missed Using App Tools

The best part of Instagram is that it presents several in-app features to facilitate the content creation process within the application. Simply shooting a video and posting it on your profile may not be effective. Consider the tools, filters, effects, music, and other elements available on Instagram to spice up your content effortlessly. Consequently, video reach will be increased, and you will gain a good number of views.

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Wrapping Up

So far, we have discussed various reasons that may bring down the results of Reels videos. But, of course, the problems are not limited to these aspects only. But understanding the above-shared problems and implementing solutions will resolve the issues you face on Instagram Reels.

Don’t underestimate the power of Reels! Whoever you are and whatever niche you belong to, you can win for sure if everything is done perfectly. So, overcome the challenges and await to garner remarkable results. Good luck 🙂

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