Advantages of A Word Counter for Writers-Top 5 Essential Writing Tools

5 Essential Writing Tools: The word counter calculates the total number of letters, spaces, words, numbers, line breaks, and symbols in your text. If you need to keep your text under a certain length constraint, you can use a Word Counter tool.

The number of words in a section of web content has become a significant factor to consider.

If you write a lengthy essay, these online tools will automatically condense it and improve the language.

People dislike reading long texts of more than 1000–1200 words, and even that is considered excessive these days!

As a result, an online tool that can assist us in these situations while also increasing our productivity is required.

Its primary goal is to help bloggers, SEO experts, marketers, students, training specialists, essayists, and other users with their content writing requirements.

It enables them to clearly communicate the message while remaining within the boundaries and constraints of the word count.

The fact that these tools are completely free is the most appealing aspect of them.

Word counters and other similar tools can be extremely useful in helping writers and other users improve and refine their writing.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Online Character Tools Are Important

  • Prevents Tl, Dr
  • Increases Readability
  • Assists in Content Editing
  • Retains Content Within Range
  • Keeps Content Well Structured
  • Checks for Grammatical Errors
  • Removes Unnecessary Content, Stuffing, etc.
  • Helps You Create Easy-To-Read and Scan Content

Here Are 5 Must-Have Tools to Keep Track of Your Word Count:

best writing tools


You may have heard about Grammarly before, either through an advertisement or through word of mouth. Grammarly has been around for a while and is one of the most useful tools available. Grammarly can help you not only keep track of your words but also help you improve your writing skills, and refine your grammar and writing. In the main page’s “My Grammarly” section, you can write or upload a document. Grammarly allows you to edit your text in a variety of ways while also saving you time.  It can provide crucial information about your work, such as word count and character count. reading, speaking time, and even your readability score.

This is one of the most useful writing tools available online. You can find a whole range of word counter tools on the internet that you can use to keep your word or character count in check, but not all of them are worth your while.

best-Word-Counter can help you break down and check your text for grammar errors, help you proofread as well as inform you of the number of pages, words, and characters it contains, as well as the density of your words, which is a critical factor. This Word Counter is a dedicated tool that assists you to fine-tune your content writing and, more importantly, helps maintain a well-structured form.

Following Are a Few Features That Word Counter Additionally Offers:

  • Text Sizing
  • Sentence Case
  • Title Case
  • Upper Case
  • Lower Case
  • Different Text Fonts

You might be wondering why we included an online notepad in our list of tools, and the answer is clear, this tool provides numerous benefits in addition to providing the user with just a simple word count. Aside from counting words and lines, the online notepad tool has a number of other features. Such as a variety of text styles, ranging from different fonts to different text layouts. You can choose from a number of options on the text editing options bar on the text pad.

It is very easy to select different text fonts, change the size, and choose different headers, bold and italic cases, text alignments, and so on. These choices will allow you to adjust and change the writing to fit your needs if you utilize the rich text function. It will help you put all of the words in the correct order while maintaining the text’s flow, structure, and tone. You can start typing or pasting something into the text field of the online notepad and the tool will automatically start saving and giving you information while helping you stay under your word limit.

Quillbot Writing Tools

Quillbot is one of the best and most useful online writing tools currently available. They provide a wide range of writing tools to writers all over the world, including:

  • Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Co-Writer, Citation generator, and finally, the summarizer, which is the subject of our discussion.
  • Quillbot Summarizer tool can quickly summarize a user’s content.
  • It can also be used to quickly reduce articles, papers, and documents to their most crucial points.
  • Their artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to identify important data while maintaining the context of the original
  • The summarizer tool can assist you in obtaining the data you require from any source, a news story, a research paper, or even just a long paragraph.
  • The two methods of automated summarization available on the tool are Key Sentences and Paragraph Mode.
  • The Key Sentences mode takes the input and converts it into bullet points highlighting the most important sentences.
  • You may alter the number of sentences you receive by adjusting the summary length slider.
  • Paragraph mode reduces the input to a paragraph that includes features of summarizing and paraphrasing to create a text that flows smoothly that clarifies important themes and facts.
  • The summary length slider also lets users choose how long the paragraph should be.
  • Quillbot offers two types of text analysis and statistics to its users: ‘Fluency and Difference’.
  • ‘Fluency’ has an average number of words per sentence, an average number of syllables per word, and Content Readability.
  • ‘Difference’ gives the user a sentence count, a word count, a character count, a percentage change, and the longest words that have not been changed.

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The Text Readability Calculator Tool

  • This free online tool can easily help you determine how readable your text is.
  • The number of years of schooling required is used as a readability indicator in this case.
  • This indicator provides information on how easily a person should be able to understand the content.
  • Your work will be more successful if you use simpler language and short sentences.
  • It also displays complex sentences containing a large number of words and syllables that contain ideas, helping you to compose more readable content.
  • The average number of characters, words, and sentences, as well as the total number of characters, words, and sentences are all the types of data available for the user.


Anyone may utilize these online word counters, specifically those who need to keep within a specified word count limit. The word counter calculates the number of words and characters with and without spaces as soon as you start entering the text field. You may assume that the casual reader has a reading level of around fifth grade and that they can only grasp basic concepts, words, and writing. Word Counters allow critical information to be delivered in a sentence, section, or post all at once, regardless of the length of the item. The dynamic layout of word counters can be accessed from anywhere on the planet and can even be used on a mobile phone.

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