Top Gaming Browsers for PC Windows & Mac

Computer technology is advancing and playing games in the browser itself has become a common phenomenon. Gaming browsers are also used to play Canabalt, Catan Universe, TownScaper, and online casino games.

You can find the list of browser-based casinos at  All of them require you to have a good browser that will ensure a smooth gaming experience. It is important that you have a browser that won’t lag or bog down the resources. It should offer better performance when you run demanding video games or casino games.

Top Gaming Browsers for PC

For your convenience, we are going to list the top browser for Windows and Mac PC for a better gaming experience.

1. Opera GX

If you are searching for a browser that has exclusively been created for gamers, Opera GX can be a great choice. It is a version of the Opera browser and claims to have features that will help the resources of the gamers in check. With the browser, you can use limiters for RAM, CPU, and network. Hence, you find the best setting for a balanced online gaming experience.

Also, it is a super light browser that makes sure it goes easy on the system’s resources as online games often use several computer resources for running efficiently. With Opera GX, you can also enjoy privacy features and customization possibilities. You can also customize the themes.

2. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is the brand that is popular for making antivirus. As expected, you will get to enjoy a browser that is security-centric. It’s also efficient and completely secure. What’s best about the Avast Secure Browser is that it has many similarities to Google Chrome. However, all the negatives are eliminated.

Avast has tweaked many of its Security and Privacy settings in the Chromium project. Hence, you get many advanced security features. For instance, the Bank Mode lets you access banking websites in your browser. The feature separates your other browsing session on the desktop while encrypting the session contents. It adds an additional layer of security and prevents confidential data leaks.

It has SecureLine VPN, which will enable you to access the VPN directly from the browser. But you only get a 7-day free trial when you are using the free version. To get unlimited access, you must upgrade it.

There are many other security features of the browser that can come in handy while gaming.

3. Coowon Browser

Coowon is an open-source browser that has been developed on the Chrome browser base. But it has some improved gaming features, which make it easier for the gamers to play their favorite games. It is well-optimized to run games in the browser. However, it also uses only a few computer resources as it is very light. is Google Chrome compatible. Hence, you can use all the features and addons. A few features have been included like controlling the speed of the game and using mouse gestures.

Another unique feature of the browser is the Bosskey. It helps in setting multiple shortcuts and hotkeys ideal for enhancing how you are performing the tasks in certain games. With the help of the browser, you can easily locate automated bots. This can prove to be useful for some games.

4. Mozilla Firefox

Previously Firefox has lost a large part of its users to Google Chrome since the latter was much faster and more advanced. However, Mozilla Firefox has taken a big leap as it held the crown of the most popular web browser. It has undergone some major changes that made it better and faster.

Firefox is more private-centric than many browsers out there. It makes sure that you don’t have to worry about any malicious intent. The gaming browser has an in-built tracker blocking feature that can easily block a suspicious piece of code. It has also extended its extensive library.

Final Thoughts

With so many browsers out there, it might be tricky to find the best one for gaming. But the best browsers for gaming purposes have been listed above. All these come with additional features that ensure a smooth gaming experience for PC Windows and Mac.

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