Best 3 Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV with New Update

GamePads for Android TV: Hello Friend, Welcome to the fox Tech zone. Do you want to use Gamepad for Android TV? Then you’ve come to the right place. I will show you how to use a Gamepad for Android TV. So please read the complete post without skipping it. A gamepad is only a technical call for a “joystick” or an “online game controller”. It is a digital tool that’s used to set up a reference to a Gaming console or a Smart TV or computer. Gaming pads have advanced throughout the century.

Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV
 Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV

Nowadays, gamepads may have a couple of buttons and an additional fundamental joystick because of the controllers. In this 21st century, with increasing technology, when each year multiple video games are being launched in the market, there is also an increasing demand for gamepads.

Even though many gamepads are available in the Indian market today, hardly a few match our expectations, budget, and criteria. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent Bluetooth gamepads and game controllers on the market that you can purchase to enhance your TV gaming experience.

So, to save a little of your time, we are here with the Top 3 Gamepads for Android TV that are there in the Indian market. Let’s get into the topic.

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The Top 3 Gamepad mentions for Android TV:

Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV

1. C3070W Cosmic Byte Nebula Wireless Gamepad 2.4G for Android TV:


  • Gamepad for Android TV  has an Integrated Dual Mode for extra gaming compatibility
  • It is Wireless 2.4GHz technology which has diverse as an awful lot as 800 centimeters.
  • Lithium Polymer 600mAh battery for playing as an awful lot as 12 hours in a row Charging time 2 to a few hours
  • The Eccentric 360-degree analog sticks for extra comfort Ultra-unique 8-way D Cross
  • Gamepad works with the PlayStation 3, Android, and Windows XP and later LED indicators (connection charge, discharge).
  • It is a Nano USB receiver.
  • Its Length of charging cable: is 1m (plus or minus 5 cm),Dimensions: 15.8 x 6.9 x 10.3 cm and Weight: 190g

Advantages of Bluetooth Gamepad for Android TV:

  • Gamepad build quality is top-notch and this Connectivity is quite smooth.
  • Its battery life. Offers great battery backup.
  • The Gamepad is the Analog trigger.
  • It’s priced adequately.

A disadvantage of Bluetooth Gamepad for Android TV:

  • Dongle for Bluetooth. It can not be paired with a smartphone-like other smartphone game controllers can.
  • They must be pressed almost halfway in order for the key function to be activated.
  • Noisy face buttons. They are a little loud, but can easily be got used to it.

This model is priced at Rs.1599 on Amazon.

2. Redgear Elite Wireless PC Gamepad for Android TV:


For this, we have divided it into Pros and cons, and it’s completely your choice to make the final call to purchase it or not.

Pros of Elite Wireless PC Gamepad for Android TV :

  • It has a smooth built quality enabling better grip.
  • It is smooth-finished buttons with a smooth grip.
  • Bright and clear LED light indicating different modes and charging.
  • Quick charging to play games longer is available.
  • Play during charging models is also safe and available.
  • Very powerful vibration effect, to give a better gaming experience.

Perfect for games like FIFA, PES, NFS, etc.

Cons of Elite Wireless PC Gamepad for Android TV:

  • Keys might get loosed if used for aggressive gaming.
  • Plastic body hence doesn’t give a premium look.
  • Average build quality.
  • Hands might get sweaty, after a long time of usage.

It’s difficult to play shooting games like Max Payne, COD Ghosts, Tomb Raider, and others.

This model is priced at Rs.1099 on Amazon.

3.CLAW Shoot Wireless 2.4GHz USB Gamepad Controller:


  • Gamepad Connection type is Wireless 2. four GHz USB Dongle and Battery is Chargeable up to 400mAH 
  • Playing time: Almost. 10 hours depending on gaming pattern.
  • Charging time: Approx. 2 hours.
  • Weight: 211.five grams.
  • It’s is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows XP.
  • Box Contents: 1 x CLAW Shoot Wireless Gamepad, 1 x 2d.four GHz USB Wireless Receiver, 1 x USB Charging cable and 1 x User Manual.

Pros of CLAW shoot Wireless Gamepad for Android TV :

  • The build quality is robust, and it imitates Xbox One controller ergonomics, which offers your hands a tight grasp when gripped. Side grips are also a benefit.
  • The shoulder buttons are satisfying to click with buttery smooth equivalents, and the rest of the buttons are the same.
  • Usage for up to 8 hours at a stretch, without going down.
  • X-input and D-input make it feasible around multiple platforms.

Cons of CLAW shoot Wireless Gamepad for Android TV:

  • Backlit light not present.

This model is priced at Rs.1599 on Amazon.

None, of these above-mentioned models, are currently available on Flipkart.

These are all the “Best 3 Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV”. Use all the above-mentioned features and share your experience with us.


In this era of high graphic games, it is really important to invest in a good and stable wireless gamepad. So, it is advisable to purchase any of the 3 gamepads mentioned above, as per your convenience.

Use the instructions outlined in this article to install and use the Top 3 Bluetooth Gamepads for Android TV. If you face any struggles please feel free to contact us by using the below comment box. Thanks for your visit.

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