Where to Find Viral Memes and Meme Trends – Trending Meme Sources

Find Viral Memes and Meme Trends: Memes now dominate internet culture, with prominent meme sites on social media attracting tens of millions of followers. People all over the world are addicted to the daily release of dopamine in their brains that comes from laughing at their favorite memes generated using a meme generator.

Memes, though, are far more than just a source of amusement in everyday life: they serve as a platform for political speech, social angst, and brand ads. When it comes to digital content consumption, people are much less likely to read blogs, watch shows, or even read newspaper columns.

Doing those things in order to grasp political positions or some sort of detail will almost certainly be disrupted by several Instagram or Twitter sessions.

Viral Memes Sources
Viral Memes Sources

Reading even a paragraph or viewing a video takes a seemingly “big” amount of time from the typical millennial standpoint, while scrolling through a social media stream may only take a few seconds of attention per post.

Anything that is trending on social media will be a source of content and inspiration for you. Aside from becoming mindful of trends and making relatable memes, you must also be swift to respond, as so many people may try to hop on hot subjects on the internet and begin creating memes.

If you are looking for web platforms that are teeming with viral memes and meme trends, this post will be immensely helpful. Let’s have a look at some of the platforms that can provide you with a constant stream of trending memes. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Meme Go Viral?

The DNA of a meme contains proof of something very mysterious and exquisite. Memes are evidence that online peer engagement accelerates society and that people want to do more than just communicate with one another.

The Internet, clearly, did not establish this appetite but rather broadened and fostered it across the globe. Online communities are working together to create ideas that are universal in every nation or community.

Memes are a modern medium of speech that can often communicate feelings that are difficult to interpret. They have emerged as one of the world’s newest and most important ways of contact. Therefore, memes that can relate to a huge audience eventually find their way to virality.

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Platforms for Finding Viral Memes and Meme Trends

The Internet is a bizarre venue. While browsing the web, we come across everything from cat videos to overpriced vintage sneakers. There is so much diversity in the available content that there is something for everyone.

Memes are initially posted on meme-centric platforms such as 9gag, Reddit, Imgur, and other related sites until they find their way to mainstream social media channels. Here are some of the most popular platforms on the internet for finding trending and viral memes.

You can also create your own meme by using any meme maker tools available on the web.

1. Reddit

trending meme sources

Reddit isn’t just about memes; it’s both, a social news aggregator and a portal for discussion with a thriving and outspoken audience. Anyone can write, comment, and upvote whatever they want.

Reddit’s meme culture has grown significantly over time, with approximately 430 million+ active users contributing to regular content full of fun. There are also other forums on Reddit devoted to making and posting relatable content, such as r/funny and r/me_irl.

Instead of relying on creatives that require heavy editing without an intent, these groups promote the exchange of real-life content and the creation of memes that connect with the people.

You will find footage of babies tumbling, confused cats, and other light-hearted material that is often candid and unrehearsed.

2. Know your meme

viral meme source

Know your meme is a meme archive on the web. Apart from providing the best meme series, it can also include comprehensive information about the roots of the meme, its author, its past, and some interesting facts about the same.

They have a variety of categories that users can choose from according to their preferences. This website is so influential with meme fans that if they want to hunt for a certain meme that they may not be able to find elsewhere, they’d better search for it here first.

They have a devoted audience and a loyal fan base on their social media handles. Know that your meme collection contains very interesting memes that are hilarious but do not get the same exposure elsewhere.

You will find some new video content in their videos section, but since this website is based on memes, it is full of distracting advertisements that appear now and then.

The navigation is very old school, but casual users like it this way because it gives off a vibe that reminds them of a past era of the internet age. Know your meme is a website that offers a detailed archive for memes and their origin story.

It is the place to go and discover some of the most popular memes in history.

3. 9gag

9gag viral memes sources

Prior to Facebook’s global popularity Ray Chan and his Hong Kong co-founders created this website so that people could easily share funny pictures and videos. What began as a side project has evolved into the most sought-after meme website!

9gag has a variety of categories for classifying memes. Users can ‘upvote’ a meme they like, which causes the most common memes to rise to the top. You can also participate in the comment forum, which is thought to be much more entertaining.

While 9gag is a good place to discover and browse memes, and it helps you to check for specific types of memes, a majority of memes start on 4chan.

While they are often of poor quality, they are a good place to see the roots of memes. Otherwise, if you really want to look at memes, 9gag is the way to go.


According to mimetic theory, for a meme to go viral, it should be fascinating, easy, catchy, humorous, and engaging.

This seems to make sense, but it does not account for variations in taste, demographics, or history, both of which may have a significant effect on whether or not a meme spreads in a certain region.

The perfect meme is one that is either humorous, easy, and relatable, or totally illogical. You can leverage the above-mentioned platforms to find trending memes, and enjoy a good laugh!

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