How to Increase/Expand Internal Storage of Android TV? – Fix Insufficient Storage Error

Expand Internal Storage of Android TV:  Are you searching for the best way to increase your Android TV internal storage/Memory. Then you are in the correct place here in this article we provide you the complete details of how to fix insufficient storage errors on your android TV by increasing your Android TV(Samsung, Sony, LG, VU, Sanyo, etc) storage. In recent days android TV users are getting increased so errors like insufficient storage are very common and very simple to fix.

Increase Storage of Android TV
Increase Storage of Android TV

If you are having a normal LED basic TV then you need to try the Android TV box to convert your normal TV to Android TV.  You can also try Airtel Xstream Android Box on your TV it will change your TV to smart android TV. Okay, let’s look at the best way to expand TV storage.

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What is an Android TV?

With the fast pacing world, and the technologies developing every minute and every day, it is really important to keep ourselves updated. To keep oneself updated, the only solution is to go in hand-in-hand with the fast-developing changes in technology and its effect on society.

One such creation is the Android TV. It is simply putting, a smart version of the television. Replacing the old television sets, it is time to bring the Smart TV, into our houses. It has an OS very similar to that of an Android phone. If you’re well-versed with Android phones, then operating this would not be an issue. You can get all android features on your TV screen such as playing games, playing videos, Bluetooth, Wifi and voice search, etc. Okay, let’s look at the way to fix insufficient storage on the TV.

Storage/Memory in Android Smart TVs:

Even if the smart TVs are very well developed, the only part which is being ignored by the developers is their internal storage space. The internal storage of an Android TV can be compared to that of a mid-range mobile phone, which is its biggest drawback.

Grossly, smart TVs mostly have internal storage of 8.0 GB, for one to install apps from Google Playstore. Out of this available storage, 20% goes into the system storage. Hence, even a lesser amount of storage is actually, available for use.

So, now comes the question How to Increase the Internal Storage in the Android TV? the answer is below.

Steps to Increase Internal Storage of an Android Smart TV

There are mainly three ways by which you can increase the internal storage on the Android Smart TV.

1.    Remove Unused Apps from Android TV

We often tend to keep apps, which we seldom use in life. As the smart TVs already have very limited internal storage, it is advised to not keep any such apps installed.

To Uninstall Apps from the Smart TV please do the below steps:

  • First of all, open your Android smart TV.
  • Now, go to the settings section, by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Go to the option called “Device”.
  • Under the Device option, find the option called “Apps”.
increase storage of smart tv
  • Now, in the Apps tab, you’ll find all the Apps, you’ve downloaded.
  • Long press on that particular App, which you do not need.
  • Then press Uninstall button and click “ok”.

Repeat the same steps, for all the Apps which you think are of no use at this moment. This will definitely help in freeing quite a nice amount of space.

2.    Connect a USB Drive to Increase TV Memory

Unlike laptops and computers, in Android TVs, you cannot connect a USB Drive straight away. But, you can add a Micro-USB chip to a USB Adaptor and then insert it in the Smart TV.

  • First, take a Micro-USB chip/Memory card.
  • Put it in a USB adaptor.
  • Then connect it to the Android TV.
  • That’s it Now you have extra storage by the external device.

3.    Moving Some of the Apps & Files to the External Storage

A safer option than just deleting random apps, to regain storage is to move the unnecessary apps to the connected External storage. You can easily shift some of the apps to the connected USB drive.

Not all apps can be transferred to the external storage, and this is solely dependent on the developer who coded that particular app, and nothing as such can be done from a consumer point of view.

Steps to shift apps from internal storage to external storage:

  • At first, go to settings by selecting this.
  • Then select the General Settings option.
  • Under General Settings, go to Apps.
  • Select the App name, which you want to shift.
  • Go to App storage.
  • Use the option “Move to External Storage” option, which must be available in the list.
These are all the best and easy ways to increase your Android smart TV storage. Do all the above methods and share your experience with us.


Although all the above-mentioned ways are completely safe and very easy to follow, however, it leads to some additional costs. So, the best option is to survey well in the market and purchase the Android TV with the highest amount of storage.

For example: In this recent times, Samsung has launched a Smart TV which wins against all the other TVs, because of its extra 2 GB of internal storage. Considering the price point of fifteen thousand, only 8 GB of storage is hardly satisfactory, so it’s a plea to all the Android TV developers, to try and cater to the consumer’s needs.

Compared to all the applications, that can be run on an Android TV, the storage lags in almost all of the Android TVs right now in the market. Hope this guide will help you to increase your memory of TV. If you have any doubts please ask us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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