League of Legends: Best Champions in One For All

League of Legends: One For All is a fun game mode in League of Legends that’s coming back! In this mode, everyone on the same team picks the same champion. It’s a wild and crazy experience where you get to team up with four other players using the exact same character.

The mode is perfect for trying out some overpowered team compositions. Imagine five Master Yis bouncing around the map or a group of Lux lasers raining down on your opponents! We’ll take a look at some of the most powerful champions to pick in this mode.

What Is One For All:

One For All is a special, limited-time game mode in League of Legends that’s super fun and a bit crazy! Instead of each player on a team picking their own champion like normal, everyone on the same team has to pick the same champion.

This mode first came out way back in 2013 and Riot Games likes to bring it back from time to time, especially around April Fools’ Day when they love adding silly stuff to League.

Best Champions in One For All:

When it comes to the One For All game mode in League of Legends, some champions are better than others. In this crazy mode where your whole team picks the same character, certain champs really shine.

The best picks for the current meta are Mordekaiser, Darius, and Trundle. You can become unstoppable with five of them in your team with insane damage output.

Mordekaiser, The Iron Revenant:

Mordekaiser is absolutely dominating the One For All mode right now with a staggering 75% win rate. Here’s why he’s the best pick:

With his passive Darkness Rise, Mordekaiser gets a big damage aura and move speed boost just by hitting enemies with his abilities. When you have 5 Mordekaiser’s on a team, that passive is constantly active, shredding opponents.

His Q ability, Obliterate, deals massive AOE damage when hitting multiple targets clustered together. In One For All, the enemy team is always grouped as 5, making Obliterate devastatingly effective.

Mordekaiser’s W, Indestructible, gives him a big shield based on damage dealt. With 5 Mordes constantly hitting opponents, those shields become enormous. The team is nearly unkillable and can simply walk at the enemy.

Death’s Grasp (E) pulls all 5 enemies together, setting them up perfectly for the Mordekaiser team’s onslaught of abilities and auras. There’s no escape once you’re in their grasp.

Finally, Mordekaiser’s ultimate Realm of Death allows one Morde to temporarily duel an isolated enemy in another dimension. With 4 other Mordes attacking, it’s an easy kill to steal stats.

Darius, The Hand of Noxus:

Darius is the second-best champion pick in the current One For All mode, rocking an impressive 73% win rate. His full-on bleed/damage kit is absolutely devastating when you have five Dariuses on one team:

It starts with his passive Hemorrhage – every Darius auto and ability applies a heavy bleed stack. When the enemy has five stacks from the whole Darius squad, they get absolutely melted by Darius’ enraged damage boost.

His Q, Decimate, is a massive whirling axe swing that hits everyone clustered together. The blade portion heals Darius for huge amounts when struck against the entire grouped enemy team.

Crippling Strike (W) cripples opponents with a nasty bleed and movement speed slow from the concentrated Darius cc-chain. The enemy can’t simply run away.

Apprehend (E) lets Darius pull all five enemies directly into the meat-grinder Darius death ball. They can’t escape once grabbed by five dunk masters.

Finally, Noxian Guillotine (R) is a deadly finisher that executes low-health targets. One Darius ult resets allows continuous resets and wipeouts when combined with four other Darius ults.

Trundle, The Troll King:

Trundle rounds out the top 3 best picks for the current One For All mode with a powerful 71% win rate. His kit is nightmarish when you have 5 Trolls working together:

It starts with Trundle’s passive King’s Tribute – every time an enemy dies near the Troll team, all 5 Trundles heal for a chunk of the enemy’s max health. This sustain is absurd when you can focus fire as a group.

His Q, Chomp, allows Trundle to bite enemies, sapping their attack damage while dishing out damage itself. Imagining 5 Chomps going off at once absolutely shreds opponents.

Frozen Domain (W) turns wherever the Troll team stands into their sovereign territory, giving them all massive attack speed, movement speed, and increased healing. It’s an unbeatable stat buff.

Pillar of Ice (E) creates impassable terrain that slows any enemies caught in it. With 5 Trundles controlling the map’s terrain, they can completely lock down any area.

Finally, Trundle’s ultimate Subjugate allows him to steal massive portions of the enemy’s health, armor and magic resist. With 5 ults chaining together, the enemy gets their stats completely drained away.

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One For All is an absolute blast, but having the right champion composition like Mordekaiser, Darius, or Trundle can make your team nearly unstoppable. Their combined kits deliver insane damage, lockdown, sustain, and stat-stripping that overwhelms opponents.

Get ready to unite and pick some overpowered mayhem when this delightfully silly game mode returns to League of Legends.

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