Space Survival and Strategy- ‘Where Wolf’ Unleashes NFT and GameFi Elements

Strategy for Where Wolf: In a mist-shrouded space, a group of alpacas, one werewolf, and eight rooms, a battle of life and death is about to commence. “Where Wolf” an online multiplayer game, has officially launched on January 3, 2024, and players will experience heart-pounding killings and strategic confrontations. To thank users for their continuous support and anticipation for the game, Where Wolf will launch a surprise event on the Web3 platform, Galxe.

Where Wolf

Background Story of Where Wolf:

A group of space alpacas completed their mission and was preparing to return when they discovered a shortage of rocket fuel. They make an emergency landing at the Wolf Star, which is abundant with Space Shard. As they replenish their supplies and prepare to take off, a werewolf sneaks onto the spacecraft and initiates a battle of slaughter. The group of space alpacas takes refuge in the eight rooms of the spaceship, seeking to evade the werewolf. The werewolf slowly approaches the alpacas, randomly annihilating Alpacas in a room, Space Shards from the slain room are distributed to other players. In “Where Wolf”, every choice is crucial, and every decision could be the line between life and death.

Seven-in-Eight Chance, Multiple Gameplay Options

Game Features: Where Wolf is a brand-new Play-to-Earn game featuring a variety of exquisite Alpaca cards, each with unique attributes and skills. Players can acquire these cards through blind box draws or by purchasing them in the marketplace.

Diverse Character Options: Where Wolf offers five unique Alpaca characters, each with their own distinct background stories and skills, including Old Macdonald Alpaca, Ragner Alpaca, Arthur Alpaca, Merlin Alpaca, and Alpaca Armstrong.

Rarity System: In Where Wolf, each character is classified into different rarity levels, including COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY. Rarity not only signifies the uniqueness and collectible value of the characters but also affects the players’ potential earnings in the game. The higher the rarity level, the greater the earnings. The rich game content ensures that each showdown is full of variables.

Players who prefer stable earnings, can collect their favorite cards and expand and manage their card collections to receive yield profits, providing a steady flow of coins. For players who enjoy challenges, Where Wolf offers thrilling Battle Royale showdowns. Participating in these battles allows players to compete against other players, where split-second reactions determine victory or defeat. The game encourages players to collect more cards, with a probability of earning income in each round reaching as high as 87.5%! Whether you seek static earnings or thrilling showdowns, you can find your enjoyment on this fantastic spaceship.

Where Wolf

Fight or Flight – A Rush of Adrenaline

The core of “Where Wolf” is an intense and thrilling survival challenge. Players must make instant decisions within a time limit, choosing rooms to evade the werewolf’s pursuit. In the intense and nerve-wracking atmosphere of the game, players constantly face life-or-death tests, with each decision potentially determining victory or defeat. The intense atmosphere of the game, along with unexpected plot twists, provides players with a great sense of achievement when overcoming their opponents.

The GameFi Boom and the Future Ahead

While some core assets of Where Wolf is built on-chain, the gameplay itself is rooted in Web2, offering players a brand-new gaming experience. For newcomers who have never played blockchain games, they can easily enter this field through the game. For experienced players of blockchain games, they can earn income through the game’s token reward system.

The GameFi sector has been growing in size within the current market, with major GameFi tokens seeing impressive gains. As the market sentiment continues to rise, more players are likely to join, providing players with a new game revenue model that allows them to enjoy the fun of the game while also gaining economic returns.

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Register on Galxe to Get Free NFT

“Where Wolf” has officially launched on January 3, 2024! To thank users for their continuous support and anticipation for the game, Where Wolf will launch a surprise event on the Web3 platform, Galxe!

During the event, simply register an account in “Where Wolf” and upload the UID to the Galxe platform for a chance to receive the in-game Space Alpaca Blindbox Puzzle NFT for free. Upon collection of all seven Space Alpaca Puzzles, you will be able to claim a blind box worth 150 USDT and obtain your very first Space Alpaca without any cost!

Win your NFT puzzle now:

Where Wolf

If you enjoy challenging and thrilling games, then Where Wolf is a game you shouldn’t miss. Come and challenge your adrenaline, embark on a heart-pounding battle of life and death!

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