Rudraksha Mala- All You should Know

Rudraksha Mala: You can now get the benevolence of Lord Shiva, along with many other miraculous cosmic healing benefits. Yes, you have guessed it right! We are talking about the Rudraksha. It means ‘tears of lord Shiva that emanated from his eyes’. The power of these beads is just undeniable. They have been used for many centuries, for their healing powers and other positive qualities. It brings peace and positivity into the lives of the wearers. If you wear the Rudraksha Mala, you will enjoy both materialistic and spiritual empowerment. 

This is one of the natural formations which yield significant benefits, both scientifically and spiritually. Let us find out some of the qualities and features of the mala. 

Rudraksha Mala – Features You Should Know About

The mala is one of the most sought-after healing tools for sages, who use it in their meditation. Anyone who practices spiritual or healing therapies also uses this mala. You can also use it to give more power to your meditation. The mala comes with 108 beads and one Guru bead. It is also called the rosary. You have to start counting from the first bead after the larger Bindu, or Guru Bead, and end just before it, on the other end. The mala is one of the most used tools today for meditative and spiritual purposes. 

Another reason, why the mala is counted on as a tool for spiritual pursuits, is the number 108. It is a sacred number, with spiritual connotations. According to Ayurveda, there are 108 marma points in the human body. There are nine planets and twelve houses, which results in the number 108. Furthermore, rishis will ask you to recite mantras 108 times, for maximum efficacy. 

The Rudraksha Mala is one of the best rosaries that you can lay your hands on. You can buy it for maximum spiritual empowerment. The Rudraksha is the seed of the fruit that grows on the Rudraksha tree to be exact. You get five-mukhi rudrakshas in general. However, one mukhi to twenty-one mukhi rudrakshas are also found. 

Learn about the advantages of the mala here.

Benefits of Wearing The Rudraksha Mala

  • It has the power to remove all sorts of disturbances from the surroundings. Moreover, it creates a positive circle around the wearer. You can avoid distractions, if you wear the mala on a regular basis. 
  • If you wear it regularly, it will give you confidence. That is why, it is known to take people through difficult times. The powerful beads can boost your confidence when you are feeling tired or worn out. 
  • It has the power to bring positive changes into your life. You can also chant ‘Aum’ to bring about positive changes in the lives of the wearer. 
  • Wearing it can boost your mental health as well. It is known for its mystical capabilities. It can also act as a therapeutic measure, if someone is ill. 
  • The Rudraksha is known to cure various physical ailments as well. It can cure ailments related to the heart, digestive system, and brain. Moreover, it can also cure eye diseases. 
  • It also improves one’s financial status, by removing all the obstacles that stand in the pathway of your success. 
  • The Rudraksha also protects the wearer from evil spirits. 

There are some important guidelines that you need to follow if you wear the Rudraksha Mala. 

Important Guidelines To Follow 

According to spiritual books like Vedas and Upanishads, all things spiritual need to be taken care of. Moreover, you need to follow a few guidelines, to ensure that everything goes well. 

  • These beads are nature’s gifts, so you have to ensure to keep them in natural utensils or containers. Mud, glass, and wooden bowls are the best to keep the beads. You can also use gold and silver bowls to store it as well. 
  • During consecration, it is best not to use copper bowls. As the copper may react with the ghee and milk. Otherwise, you can store the Rudraksha in copper bowls, as well. 
  • When you wear a Rudraksha, it is important to make it a part of your existence. You have to take proper care of the same. 
  • You should keep the beads dipped in ghee and milk, every six months, so that they are hydrated. You can also anoint the beads with sesame oil. This process helps to re-energize the beads. 
  • Anyone who is above 14, can wear the panchmukhi Rudraksha. 
  • You must ensure not to touch alcohol if you are wearing the mala. 
  • You should not mix different types of rudrakshas in a single mala.
  • When you are visiting someone, who has just given birth to a baby, or attending a funeral, you must keep the mala at home. 
  • Do not allow anyone else to touch your mala. It is a personal tool for spiritual pursuits. 

You must keep the above guidelines in mind while choosing the Rudraksha Mala. Nowadays many dupes are also available in the market. So, you have to ensure to buy a real one for maximum efficacy. Buy the Rudraksha Mala from Holistic Kart. They sell authentic malas at affordable rates. 

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