5 Wix Ecommerce Tips to Improve Your Sales

Expectations are higher when selling products via a Wix e-commerce store that no one will walk away empty-handed. To meet the needs of your customers, you need to provide them with a smooth shopping experience when they visit your store.

Proprietors of Wix stores are willing to optimize their online shop, selling more products and increasing their revenue. Are you one of the Wix eCommerce Store owners? Are having trouble catching the customers’ attention? 

If yes, then it is time to rewire your website’s product pages. Let us discuss what are the aspects that can resolve this problem and improve your business revenue.

In this detailed discussion of how to improve the sales of your Wix e-commerce website, we will walk through the tips and tricks for improving the sales conversion rate and how you can boost your business.

Here are the Best 5 Tips for Wix E-commerce Store

Create an Eye-catchy Storefront:

There are several appealing online stores available. But to grab the customers’ attention, you must ensure the navigation of your website and all the required information are up to the mark in your digital store—information including contact details, delivery time, return or refund policy, shipping option, and taxation. 

Wix is one of the best e-commerce platforms and offers a range of features and functionalities to create the perfect storefront to sell your items digitally. It also has various pre-built templates that can be customizable, including background color, font size, and types—reflecting your business requirements.

In order to drive a higher conversion rate on the Wix e-commerce website, an exclusive color theme and a visual hierarchy of your website design will enable you to achieve it in minimal time.

Refine Wix Store’s Product Page

Optimization of the Wix e-commerce store’s product page is one of the key factors to consider. There are several ways to optimize the pages, such as:

  • High-resolution images are clearer when clients try to zoom the product for better vision.
  • Product descriptions with accurate keywords will enhance the chances to appear first or higher in search engines.
  • Accurate pricing details for products with all discounted rates ( if applicable)
  • Keep every significant icon visible, like cart and favorites, without the need to scroll up and down the page.

Client’s Reviews

To boost the conversion rate of your Wix digital store it is a good idea to add clients’ reviews about that product quality and how satisfactory their buying experience was. It also makes the other customers happy and builds trust in your product once they know someone has already bought it. This way, you can create a solid social trust proof of your digital presence.

Product review is vital in a successful and trustworthy online eCommerce store. It also drives conversion rate once the customers see the genuine purchasing experience of others. It is advisable to ask the customers to review the product after purchasing. Also, make the review process for your Wix ecommerce store as simple as possible for the customers.

Upsells and Crosssells on your Wix store

Upsells – Upsells means “Consider upgrading to”. This means offering the higher-end version and requirements of the purchased items. It is totally up to you either to accept or not.

Cross Sells –  Cross sells means ”You might also like”. This means encouraging customers to buy products relevant to the purchased item.  

Example – If you purchased a beauty product, nail polish, from a shop, and the shopkeeper asks if you require a nail polish remover. It is called an upsell offer.

Upselling is one of the most crucial tips e-commerce stores are using. Psychologically, upselling is quite effective. When a customer is in the buying mode, there is the possibility of buying a relevant product too. 

So, using the Wix e-commerce store to upsell the other relevant products is beneficial to increase the conversion rates, sales, and revenue the most important.

You can leverage the “Appsell” app to offer upsells on your Wix e-commerce store. If you are not familiar with how to integrate the app with the Wix store, hire Wix developer from a reputed organization to execute this task hassle-free. 

Wix integration with Appsell enables you to pop up upsell offers and coupon discounts directly on the cart page.

Free Shipping Service

Free shipping is always the incentive for your Wix e-commerce store customers. It is the only way to make them feel important and prime customers for free shipping. It also excels in their spending on your e-commerce store and increases your Wix store conversion rate.

Most customers discard the bought product if they find the shipping cost needs to be paid extra. If you offer your customers free shipping, they can shop more from your Wix e-commerce store.

Besides “free shipping” offers, you can add a “Free Shipping Bar” app on your cart page to encourage customers to add more products and increase the cart value for leveraging free shipping. 

So, What’s your opinion on these discussed points?

These 5 best tips we discussed will be beneficial for your business, increasing the conversion rates of Wix ecommerce stores and boosting your sales. 

If you are facing challenges in upgrading your ecommerce store in any way, hire a Wix developer. 

An experienced ecommerce developer can make these changes in your storefront with his expertise and knowledge.


There are several ways to drive more traffic, generate revenue, and increase conversion rates on your Wix ecommerce store. We cover the best and most important tips to help you improve your online store in a better way. Try these optimization tips to increase your store’s conversion rates and see what works better for your business.


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