What Is Online Presence Management?

What Is Online Presence Management: Advertisements surround us every day, following us across our electronic devices. Yet they haven’t gotten any more effective. Thanks to ad fatigue, their impact only decreases with time. Instead of building new advertising campaigns, businesses are turning to something else: online presence management. The focus is no longer to shove ads in a random person’s face. Rather, to ensure would-be customers have a positive impression of a business.

Online Presence Management

The problem is, the web is a complicated place. Social media, online retailers, and forums are all distinct virtual regions. Even for the savvy, it’s easy to confuse the rules of engagement in each sphere. Worry no more. In this guide, we’ll teach you what online presence management is. Then we will provide solutions on how to leverage this form of digital marketing.

What Is Online Presence Management?

The name should give you a pretty clear idea of what we are talking about here. Online presence management is a strategic method of building your business’s presence on the Internet. That is, making sure people know who you are and what you do.

It’s very similar to the concept of brand reputation. How people perceive you is important. As every digital advertising team knows, you can control this perception with your actions.

Web presence, however, has more to do with visibility. It is a component of your existing online marketing efforts. Let’s discuss some of the ways online presence manifests.

Social Media Presence:

  • Social media is the beating heart of the Internet. It’s no longer just a virtual social sphere for discussion and online gatherings. It’s where half of the American people get their news.
  • It’s safe to say at this point that social media is an integral part of modern society. For better or worse, it shapes how people view the world.
  • Online presence on social media platforms is a delicate balancing game. Some of the biggest controversies begin there. One misadvised tweet or poorly thought-out Facebook post can ruin your market value.
  • Companies must be active on social media. Most have a dedicated team to handle their verified accounts. They may even include a consulting firm, such as ETOS Consulting LLC, to weigh social media strategies.

Online Marketplaces:

  • Online shopping has exploded in the past decade. Malls and brick-and-mortar stores now die the death of a thousand cuts. Thanks to same-day shipping and easy-to-use apps, people shop online more than ever.
  • Further, most of the shopping happens on big multi-store sites. Think Amazon or Wish. These fulfillment hubs have become trade centers for online purchases.
  • When you have so many products in one place, presence is vital. Algorithms are the only thing deciding who rises, and who sinks. Companies have to carefully position their products so customers see them in searches and recommendations.
  • The algorithm can easily work against you. Poor ratings can sink your product’s recommended position. Therefore, web presence is just as important as where you sell your products.

Community Forums:

  • Forums are no longer as populous as they used to be. In the early days of the Internet, these were where all the most important discussions happened. Now, they’re for niche audiences.
  • That said, they’re still an important component of brand advertising. Many discoveries and controversies are born here. Investigative actions from users are very common in the forums, such as critical analyses of your product.
  • Many companies have learned about big issues with their products here. Conversations with users on forums have kept them ahead of potentially massive issues. Lack of presence on these forums means you miss out on these conversations.

Video Hosting Websites:

  • YouTube is a prime example of how important online videos have become. Videos range from informative to silly. They get billions and billions of views every single day.
  • Similar to social media, companies have a twofold responsibility here. First, they need to interact with the community. Second, they need to release regular content.
  • Remember, a single video can go viral in a day. It will appear across the entire Internet if enough people share it. This could include videos that praise–or criticize–your brand.
  • So, stay on top of YouTube. Don’t neglect other apps like Snapchat and TikTok, too.

Search Engines:

  • Search engines are often the first place that customers stumble upon your business. They are searching for the service you provide. If you have done your search engine optimization, you will appear as one of the first results they see.
  • The primacy of search engines may be contested by Oracle AIs like ChatGPT. However, this remains a critical advertising pathway for your business. People are always going to use them, so don’t neglect them for newer technologies.
  • Every business needs to employ search engine optimization. This means blog posts, product pages, and FAQs need to play nicely with Google.
  • Other search engines may be more popular in other countries. For example, Yandex in Russia, or Qwant in France. If you have an international market, know the apps your customers use.

How to Master Online Presence Management?

Online presence management is pretty straightforward. You are maximizing your online visibility for the benefit of your company. It’s much easier said than done, though.

Let’s discuss some successful strategies for implementing this form of digital marketing.

Create Organic Content:

  • People hate the feeling that someone is trying to sell something to them. American culture has been steeped in corpo-advertising speak for over a century. The old ways no longer work.
  • Instead, organic content has become the norm. Simply put, this is creating content that feels authentic. I.e., content that appears to come from a non-affiliated, everyday person.
  • So, talk to your customers like they are your friends. Use colloquial language. Address them with an informal “Hey!” or “How’s it going?”
  • Organic content tricks a customer’s brain. It makes them feel like they are interacting with someone who has no agenda. It builds trust, making conversion far easier.

Use Sponsorship:

  • If you’ve used YouTube, you’re no stranger to sponsor breaks. There’s always someone hawking NordVPN or Brilliant. As annoying as it may seem, it’s there for a reason: it works.
  • Sponsorships are far better than ads. People can install ad blockers or just ignore your ads at the beginning of a video. With sponsorships, though, it’s far more likely they won’t miss it.
  • Sponsorships also allow you to insert yourself into your ideal market. There’s no risk of an errant ad impression. People who watch tech videos will be receptive to tech-related products.

Educate Rather Than Self-Promote:

  • It’s natural for a company to talk about itself. After all, you exist to sell your product or service. However, modern online presence management is about thought leadership.
  • Simply put, thought leadership is being an informative resource to the community. It’s about teaching people, rather than advertising to them. Although there may be some promotion, education is the primary motive.
  • Many big companies have begun to post regular content like explainer channels on YouTube. For example, NordVPN has a regular online security blog. People can visit their website to learn about good security practices without ads in their faces.
  • It makes people think that you are there for more than the money. They are more likely to click on your website for their personal refinement. Even if they don’t buy something, they walk away with a positive impression of you.

Benefits of Online Presence Management:

It may seem like a no-brainer that people should be aware of you. What company wouldn’t want customers to know they exist? However, there are some unique benefits to online presence management, specifically.

  • Expand Your Market:

Online presence management is about getting your name out to people who don’t know you. Organic content and thought leadership extend your reach. As people share your informative content, it gets more eyeballs.

Again, the primary focus of online presence management is not immediate sales. Rather, implanting the idea of your company in future customers’ heads. A good impression makes that implanted idea stick.

  • Strengthen Your Brand Reputation:

Remember, people are immune to old-fashioned advertising tactics. They won’t trust you based on a clever billboard alone. They respond better when they feel that you are real–like a friend.

Brand reputation strengthens when you build a positive online presence.

  • Seed Future Business:

Many of the biggest companies curate their customers from the crib. As a child, you may have heard about Charles Schwab all your life. It’s only when you become an adult that you choose them as your preferred investment broker.

Kids these days are growing up in an online world. You need to build your image for them now. Even if they don’t know who you are, one day, they may become your patrons.

  • Start Managing Online Presence Now:

Online presence management is about building visibility across the web. Without it, people simply won’t be aware of you or why you matter. The focus is organic, subtle marketing that prepares customers for your business.

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Taking care of your online persona is essential for your digital marketing efforts. Instead of overt self-promotion, businesses should concentrate on providing organic content, using sponsorships, and educating their audience. Taking these steps allows them to grow their internet presence and attract more customers. Businesses may assure future success and continued brand awareness by investing time and energy into developing meaningful relationships with prospective consumers.

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