5 Reasons to Consider Offshore Development

Offshore Development: Did you know that the global IT outsourcing market is projected to grow by about $98 billion by 2024? This statistic alone tells you that outsourcing is considered by many as a sustainable and more efficient way to access software solutions and IT services.

Offshore Development

Before adopting offshore software development, you’d want to know what benefits to expect. That way, you’ll have a clearer picture of whether offshore development is a good fit for you or not. So let’s jump in!

5 Reasons to Consider Offshore Development:

1. Access to a Larger Talent Pool:

Yes, having an in-house development team is beneficial, if you prefer working with local candidates, but offshoring opens a portal to a whole new range of possibilities. A broader talent pool makes it possible to choose the level of expertise that works for your project, and other individual qualities.

As one of the global leaders in offshore software development services, KMS gives you access to software developers from different parts of the globe, increasing convenience while making sure that you get the highest quality of results possible. The only thing that limits you here is your imagination.

2. Cost reduction:

Software development can cost a fortune at times, so if you have the chance to save a few bucks and still get high-quality results, that’d be a welcome idea. In some cases, you can save as much as 50% or even more on costs by hiring developers from areas in Central Europe such as Croatia, Estonia, Albania, and others.

That’s in consideration that the cost of living in these countries is lower, hence the developers offer quite competitive hourly rates.

3. Faster Development:

Offshoring firms have access to a wide team of developers, making it easier to reduce the time it takes to work on your product from scratch till completion. So if you are looking to enter the market faster, it’d be a good idea to consider offshoring.

In most cases, you can reduce the time to market by up to half the time it’d take you while working with an in-house team – all thanks to the virtually limitless capacity that offshoring firms offer.

4. Time Zone Advantage:

Want to complete your project even faster? Then you can look for an offshoring provider that offers round-the-clock development services or something closer to that. In some cases, offshore development firms are able to offer continuous software development services, thanks to time zone advantages,

By creating a team made up of developers from countries in different time zones, part of the team can be working while the rest of the team players are sleeping. Then once they are up, they can take over from the team that was working, ensuring the continuity of your project and dramatically reducing the completion times.

5. Flexibility in Scaling:

One of the most attractive benefits that offshoring offers is great flexibility in scaling. If, for instance, you want a larger number of designers during the initial stages of your project to speed up the most complicated parts, it’s quite easy to have that. Then you can scale down when you get to the less complicated processes of the development of your project.

Offshoring makes it easier to plug in experts and unplug them as needed, without having to bear extra costs or use a lot of time in traditional hiring processes.

Enjoy these Benefits and More Today:

Offshore software development is the best option if you’re all about sustainable development practices. By teaming up with an offshoring partner that gives you access to highly-qualified software developers, you can speed up project completion times and save some bucks, while still getting high-quality results.

The team at KMS does that and more. With professionals who are fluent in various languages and have several years of experience, you can expect awesome results when it comes to developing even the most complicated projects. So get in touch today and enjoy the above benefits and then some.

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Embracing Offshore Development software development opens a plethora of advantages for businesses, encompassing a diverse talent pool, substantial cost savings, accelerated project delivery, and unmatched scalability. KMS is well recognized as a market leader in software creation in other countries.

The organization employs a group of professionals who have together worked on several noteworthy initiatives. Rest assured, our commitment ensures on-time and within-budget project completion. Get in touch with us today to explore how KMS can elevate and optimize your offshore software development initiatives.