3 Professional Plagiarism Checkers For Commercial Content Writing

Plagiarism is a common problem but has a very easy solution. Plagiarism in today’s world isn’t that uncommon. Whether you talk about academia, online marketing, blogs, social media, or any type of commercial writing, plagiarism can be found in any type of content.

Professional Plagiarism Checkers

In this article, we’ll analyze the basics of plagiarism and the importance of plagiarism-free content. Then, we’ll suggest the three best/professional plagiarism checkers you can use today. So, let’s get started.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism isn’t just the act of copying someone else’s text. Instead, it’s also the stealing of an idea and passing it off as one’s own. It is unethical to plagiarize other people’s work for commercial purposes. It can also be illegal depending on the country, state, and industry where plagiarism occurs.

There are many reasons why people plagiarize others’ work, but most of them stem from a lack of creativity or just laziness. When it comes to writing copy for commercial purposes, plagiarism isn’t that rare.

That’s why it’s important to avoid it at all costs, as it can harm the image of a business or the commercial platform for which you’re writing the content. For that, you can use many ways to avoid committing plagiarism by using your own words.

And it’s also important to come up with original ideas instead of copying someone else’s content word-for-word.

Importance Of Plagiarism Free Content & Role of Using A Tool

While plagiarism in writing is the act of copying someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own, This can be done with written work, music, art, or anything that is created. Plagiarism is unethical in any type of content because research takes time and effort.

So, when a writer uses another writer’s research without giving them praise, it deprives them of credit. However, there are also tools specifically designed to detect plagiarism. These tools can be used in conjunction with AI assistants to scan content and find duplicity in it. So, how does that work?

  1. The first thing you do is check your content for plagiarism.
  2. After that, you rewrite the plagiarized content or paraphrase it thoroughly.
  3. Lastly, you cite the source or quote the original author to avoid plagiarism.

These three steps are vital in ensuring any content’s plagiarism-free nature. In marketing, plagiarism-free content is also known as unique content. Therefore, the idea is to make your content as unique and outstanding as possible.

Many businesses and commercial platforms have taken measures to help combat this issue, such as implementing software like plagiarism checkers. It allows them to detect plagiarism before or after it happens and provide the powers-to-be with a report on said instances.

3 Professional Plagiarism Checkers for Commercial Content Writing

Commercial content writing cannot afford plagiarism, so it’s imperative that they use the right tool to scan their content. Luckily for you, we’ve picked the three best options you can use today. Here they are:

1.    Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is one of the most prolific plagiarism finders available today. Loved by students and professionals alike, this tool is the pinnacle of finding plagiarism and everything about scanning for duplicity. The UI design of this tool is simply remarkable and very easy to use.

Professional Plagiarism Checkers-1

Besides that, the tool is chock-full of features compared to other tools in this niche. So, why should you be excited about using this plagiarism checker as your primary tool? Here are a few reasons:

  • It lets you scan around 2000-words at a time, which is more than any other plagiarism checker available today;
  • It has advanced AI algorithms, which thoroughly scour through the internet and other databases to find duplicity and similarities within your content;
  • It shows you exactly how much content is plagiarized or how much of your text is unique;
  • Compare your plagiarized text with the original author’s writing;
  • Find and locate the source for better citation and removal.

These factors alone should make any writer commit to using this tool. And the thing about this plagiarism checker is that it sees a lot of traffic every day. So, it is preferred by many writers as you read this.

So, the first tool on our list is the best pick you can make to check your commercial content for plagiarism before posting it or passing it along.

2.    Bibme.org’s Plagiarism Checker

Bibme.org has a lot of tools for students. However, their plagiarism checker is for everyone, and commercial users can benefit from this just as much as students. The plagiarism finder allows you to scan your content quite conveniently and very quickly as well.

Professional Plagiarism Checkers-2

Besides acting as a plagiarism checker, the tool also has an inbuilt grammar corrector. This may not excite a lot of professional writers, but it’s a good little feature that you can rely on in case you miss anything.

However, the tool is limited to five scans a day. So, if you’re hoping to use it continuously, you might have to pay up to use it more than five times. But that may not be necessary for most, and that’s why this tool is on our list.

3.    Plagiarism Checker – Editpad

This plagiarism checker is the final tool on our list and a remarkable option as well. This tool has everything you want in a plagiarism checker, offering to scan upwards of thousand words. However, it’s the simplicity and professionalism of this tool that stands out.

Professional Plagiarism Checkers-3

Besides checking for plagiarism, this tool will provide you with the proper sources from where the text has been copied. However, once you copy & paste your content into it, it’ll scan your text thoroughly and take less than a few seconds before the scan is complete. So, let’s sum it up:

  • It’s easy to use;
  • It offers a good word limit;
  • It’s quick and simple.

So, if you’re looking for a plagiarism checker that provides simplicity, then you need this tool in your arsenal.


These are the three best plagiarism checkers for commercial content writers today. They are ideal for finding plagiarism and reliable in looking for errors within your text—like the second one. However, we suggest using the first one to be on the safer side and ensure you capture all of the duplicity in your text.

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