5 Easy steps to Advertise on Twitter

Twitter advertisements can take businesses to the next level. Twitter has more than 300 million active monthly users and 500 million tweets every day. If the targeted audience is amongst that 300 million people, then diverting a portion of the marketing budget to Twitter can be beneficial for the business. Twitter creates some narrow segmentation options when it comes to who will see the created ads. The ads can also be tailored which is a similar feature to Facebook and one will have to pay only when somebody out there performs the exact outcome that was expected by you. Twitter advertising can be run from any account preferred. Big audiences and nice detailed targeting options- sound good right? But how to reach them on Twitter?

Advertise on Twitter
Advertise on Twitter

To explore and get started with Twitter advertising, all one needs to do is to head to ads.twitter.com and perform just 5 steps to advertise on Twitter and reach the targeted leads. Wondering how? Then, walk through this post wherein the process of advertising on Twitter has been explained thoroughly in just a few simple steps.

5 Easy Steps to Advertise on Twitter

Here, 5 easy steps have been curated that will advertise on Twitter and engage more audiences on it.

1. New Twitter Ads account-

Before jumping into the Twitter advertisement, it must be noted that a separate Twitter ads account must be created where the product and services can be advertised easily. Once the account registration is completed, the location and the time zone must be fed on the page properly and the account is good to go for further advertisement procedure. Twitter will then open the Twitter manager for you where the campaign can be created ted, the target audience can be set, and the audience can be engaged with the desired product or service.
2. Set the objective of the advertisement- Before landing into any business or its related advertisement, the objective must be set first. If a direct objective is not prioritized beforehand, then the advertising strategy can get diverted and fail in creating effective public awareness regarding the desired product or service. Twitter provides some pre-set objectives that guide advertising the product. It mainly focuses on brand awareness and Twitter traffic that can increase the lead base.
App Re-engagement is another preset feature that reshuffles the audience base depending on the changing targets or changing preferences. Hence, before creating any campaign, get assured about the targeted niche, the targeted area, age group, and motto of such advertisement. Once the goals are finalized, the campaign can be created by you on Twitter to advertise the desired product or service.


3. Create a new Campaign-

If Twitter advertising is new to you, then initially focus on one group which is called the general audience. Further, the audience can be segmented as per preferences. Further, splitting advertisement can be tried based on the budget in hand as in no time it can become an expensive marketing tool. Once the ad campaign page is reached, name the campaign based on the objective of such advertisement. 
Twitter gives a budget option and thus it does not restrict you to a fixed number. The total budget and the start and end dates are optional that can be chosen according to the flexibility. Then, the bid can be set on the bidding section of the page or let Twitter decide the same by enabling the automatic bidding option. Thereafter, the creatives can be selected based on the objective of the campaign. 
The audience platform for such advertisements can also be adjusted on Twitter which is regarded as a great option if the expansion of tweets to all the mobile partners is expected of you. Herein, the campaigns control and the product promotion become quite easy and one can also understand the different types of audiences and their preferences for future benefits.


4. Target Audience-

Targeting is very important in any kind of advertising. If the general public is targeted, then it is better to avoid the demographic section to keep the audience base as broad and open as possible.

In such a case, it is also suitable to avoid selecting the gender, age, language, etc so that a good number of Twitter out of the 300 million people gets through the advertisement. In the audience features section, the people who are interested in the outdoors can be targeted.

The section has the options like behavior, events, interest, and also conversation topics that can be featured according to the type of campaign. Out of all the options, most people find conversation topics very interesting as they can pull in real-time data about people who are interested in a particular topic.

Twitter itself will also recommend the audience size, a range that can be adjusted accordingly. The best part of targeting a particular niche is that Twitter does not have any set cost and thus the cost varies according to the wanted choice.

5. Increase Twitter Followers-

People tend to follow the trends. People are always curious about the new things around them. If any of the contacts are interested in certain stuff, now or then it will be walked through by us. Thus, the traffic the advertisement on Twitter can be increased by taking advantage of this pattern of human behavior.

Real Twitter followers can be bought only by paying a minimal amount either from Twitter itself or any other legal website. Then, the other contacts and the recommended contacts of your purchased accounts will also pitch on to the account and the advertisement created by you. In this way, the profile image of the created account will also enhance the market and will attract the attention of many potential leads. To convert the targets into clients, it must be ensured that most of the purchased accounts or pitched accounts are from the targeted audience base or related to such audience base.


If the worth of devoting time, effort, and budget to advertising through Twitter is a concern to you, then the answer will be a Yes. So, if time is not a constraint to investing in such advertisement, then it is suggested these above-mentioned simple steps must be followed to strengthen the advertising efforts on Twitter and get connected with new potential leads.

Furthermore, Twitter is such a platform where one can control the advertisements and the accounts that are set to reach the customer base.

Thus, the only thing required for Twitter advertising is a great strategy and Twitter will provide the platform to advertise the desired product only through some simple above-mentioned steps.

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