Best Apps to Play Lottery on Mobile – Latest Update

Top Apps to Play Lottery: People who are into buying lottery tickets are fully aware of the challenges they have to face to keep a record of all the bought and sold tickets. This is where the lottery apps come to your rescue as they will display the results of your lotteries on the lottery games that are famous worldwide. These apps will not only help you in keeping track of all the lottery numbers but will also assist you in predicting the next winning numbers. The team from providing the following list of the best apps to play the lottery on mobile.

Best Lottery Apps for Mobile
Best Lottery Apps for Mobile


Lottopia is one of the most popular apps for lottery games in the whole of the United States of America and many other regions of the world. The national lottery players can streamline all of their required data and lottery number with the help of Lottopia.

The best feature is that it displays all the result analytics by analyzing the games from the past to predict the winning numbers for the future by looking for certain trends. You will be allowed to store all of your lottery tickets in your personal database, as it is the best feature of Lottopia. In short, if you are interested in buying and selling online lotteries, this app is a tailor-made option for you as it will help you in winning big all the time.

Texas Lottery

Unlike most of the traditional boring lottery apps on the market, Texas Lottery is a must-have for all the online lottery lovers in the USA. The most basic feature is that it will tell you about all the nearest locations from where you can buy tickets for different lotteries. Another main benefit is that it will allow you to scan and save your lottery number so that you won’t have to memorize it. Giving you updates about all the latest available jackpots, Texas Lottery is also helpful in winning a second round, even if you lost in the initial round. It is known by the name “Second Chance”.

Betfred-Bet on Lotto

Betfred is getting popular in the online lottery world for all the right reasons. A chief highlight is that it allows you to win only by picking 5 correct lottery numbers from the list even if you are playing with only 6 or 7 numbers. Apart from lottery options, the players will also get a chance to play the best slots, jackpots, table games, and virtual sports. Lastly, Betfred also comes with an option to allow the players to place their bets and try their luck on different platforms.

CA Lottery Official App

The United States of America is the biggest location in the world as far as the greatest number of lottery players is concerned. This is exactly why; the concerned authorities have launched their own CA Lottery official app to help the players in one way or another. The players can win as big as up to $1 Billion. The results of the lotteries will be out in the first 4 minutes and the players will not have to wait for long.

Final Words:

These are all the top and best lottery apps for your mobile. Just download and use the apps to make your free time into valuable time. If you have any other apps to show in the above list please feel free to share them in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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