How to Remove Unwanted People From a Photo without Photoshop?

We sometimes need to remove unwanted objects from our images before sharing them on social media. An unwanted person may enter your frame suddenly in the crowd, a street sign, or a shadow. While it is not always possible to take a perfect photograph, with a few tricks we can make them appear as though they are.

To eliminate unwanted objects from photos, some software experts have developed creative apps. In this article, we are going to introduce you to one of the handiest & useful tools called imgkits to help remove unwanted objects from pictures. To make editing easier, go over these details.

Imgkits: Remove unwanted people from any picture

imgkits, a dedicated retouching tool is trusted by most professionals because it is loaded with various features. The developers have included some of the best healing tools in this app, which can assist users in easily adjusting the spot heal hardness, modifying the brush size, and adjusting the brush easily over unwanted objects.

The platform will also provide access to the clone stamp and patch tool. It is easy to find free stock photos on the internet if you need another background photo.

How to Use imgkits to Remove Unwanted People Online in Seconds?

  1. Import your editable image in imgkits.
  2. Choose the pen tool from inpaint and outline the unwanted item. Keep the edges close together for best results.
  3. Create a selection from the path you just created. From the drop-down menu, right-click on the path and select “Make Selection”.
  4. Click on Edit and then Fill. To make the images content aware, select the blending mode of normal and opacity of 100%. Thereafter, click OK.

What Does This Tool Have to Offer You?

  1. Delete any power lines, telephone lines, and posts from your images.
  2. Images can be cleaned of straight and curved scratches.
  3. Remove photo bombers.
  4. Remove skin blemishes and pimples from your photos instantly.
  5. There is now a zoom feature to make selections more precise.
  6. You can use this tool for free.

Benefits of Using imgkits

By removing the background, an image appears relevant and authentic. If any flaws or errors show up while clicking an image like a bad background or unwanted people, then removing the background adds value. imgkits contribute a certain level of professionalism to the images by adding a relevant element to them.

If you shoot with shaking hands, sometimes the backgrounds of the pictures appear blurred. It’s difficult to get good results if the camera’s not on a tripod when shooting. An experienced photographer who uses Photoshop can edit the photos, in that case, to make them more appealing. However, those pictures are modified by removing the background and clipping the paths even by a beginner by using imgkits.


Regardless if you choose to utilize it or not, there are limitations to removing unwanted people from photos online for free. But before buying either Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing tool, you should try imgkits first if you want to remove an unwanted object from a photo.

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