Free Android Apps for Content Creators

Content writing can be easy, but creating content can be difficult. Anyone can write content but making it creative and unique can be something big to deal with, but it cannot be impossible.

Some things can be a hurdle in creating unique content, and plagiarism is one of them. We can say that plagiarism is undoubtedly a problem, but it is not something that cannot be avoided or removed.

Android Apps for Content Creators
Android Apps for Content Creators

Then it comes to the other problems in which authenticity and accuracy are included sometimes, these two things are ignored in the content.

We live in an era of the internet where we have everything available at a single click and same as we have many apps that can be helpful in content creation.

So, we will share the details of these apps, and you can have your attention if you want to create unique and creative content.

1. Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checking tools are essential, and we can say that having unique content can be possible using a plagiarism checker.

android apps for content creators

As long as you don’t know about the plagiarized lines, how can you remove them?

Plagiarism checking tools are used to check the percentage of plagiarized and unique text in your content.

But this tool is only limited to checking plagiarism, and you need to remove the plagiarism by yourself manually.

The good thing is there is a plagiarism checker android app, and you don’t need to use a web tool for checking plagiarism.

Some people prefer mobile phones to use these tools as it is easier and more portable, so this app is undoubtedly for them.

2. Article rewriter and spinner

apps for content creators

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to write content on a specific topic or if you are not a writer by profession, you can use this app.

Article rewriter app is dedicated to changing the words in content to make it unique.

But uniqueness is not the only thing, and many things can be in focus while writing content.

All it would help if you copy-pasted and you’ll get the unique and rewritten article. The good thing is you can easily download this app from the play store.

We also have many tools available on the web, but using a mobile application can be easy because it can be a portable option.

3. Paraphrasing app

Paraphrasing is similar to article rewriting, and it is also used to make content unique and more readable.

This app can replace words with their synonyms so, your content must be plagiarism-free and unique.

free android apps for content creators

As we mentioned above, there are many things to avoid while creating content, so plagiarism is essential.

And many applications or tools can help you with this, and the paraphrasing app is one of them. There can be many more options available in paraphrasing apps, like a good app can give a facility of different modes in which standard, creative, and fluency modes are included.

Some tools can have the option of uploading a file instead of copy-paste because uploading a file can be more accessible.

4. Text editor

Writing content using a mobile phone isn’t easy, but it can be elementary if you have proper resources.

Text editor apps can be a good choice for writing or editing content because a text editor app can give various features.

Various apps are available on the play store that can quickly edit or write text using a smartphone.

Keep in mind that always prefer a pretty simple tool and have a user-friendly interface because these tools are easy to use.

Some good text editors support multiple language formats in which txt, pdf, and doc files are included.

The main features of a text editor include bold the lines, changing the font size and font family, word count, line count, and text alignment.

But there are some more advanced features like inserting links to the keywords, adding bullet points, and underlining the text.

As we have seen, many apps are free and readily available on the play store, and these apps have good reviews on them.

5. Animation app

According to research, animations can easily attract an audience, and you need to put animations in your content.

But putting animations is not that easy without any helpful tool.

We can download some best apps for creating visuals and animations, and using an app will become pretty easy.

Some good animation apps can provide you the painting tools, which is something outstanding and needed by many people.

We can make short intros, and teasers, create videos, edit videos, edit pictures, and create a post to share on social media platforms.

Mobile apps VS Web tools

Using any of them can be a good option because all these two sources are created to benefit their users.

But if you are comfortable using a smartphone, you can go for android apps but if you are used to work from home on laptops or desktops, then utilizing a web tool can be beneficial.

Mobile apps offer portability as you can carry your mobile phone wherever you are visiting but carrying a laptop or desktop can be very difficult.

We cannot compare these two sources because they both are beneficial, and we cannot deny it.

All you need to check our requirements and decide whether you will use a mobile application or a web tool.

Bottom line

As we mentioned above, content creation can be a hectic job, but it will become very easy if we are heading in the right direction and using the right tools.

The tools can be beneficial and surely decrease human effort, and some tasks need to be done using a tool.

But the thing is, how can we target the right tools?

Whenever you are going to use an online tool, you must read the reviews on that tool, and reading reviews can be beneficial in deciding whether you can use this tool or not.

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