A Brief Guide to Ransomware- Protect Your Storage & Backup Systems!

We are well aware of cybercrime and the different forms in which it happens. And ransomware is one of the many. It is a type of malicious software that is designed to block the owner’s access to their systems. In order to regain control over their systems, the attacker demands a ransom in return. The attacker or hacker does state that they will return the access to you, once the ransom is paid but it is not confirmed.

Guide on Ransomware
Guide on Ransomware

According to stats, the last decade has experienced a horrendous appraisal of cybercrime. And thus, it has become extremely pivotal to invest in cyber security. However, it is always best to take necessary measures to prevent it in the first place.

How to Secure Storage & Backup Systems?

To safeguard against ransomware, your most valuable resources are likely to be your storage and backups. These layers of IT are essential, but they are also the only ones ignored by common vulnerability management services.

StorageGuard is a product offered by continuitysoftware.com that protects your data while it is being stored and backed up. Keeping your data safe is StorageGuard’s first priority, therefore it provides security for your storage and backup systems. Access comprehensive insight into the security of your data storage and backups with this service.

Feature of StorageGuard:

  • Automatic security risk detection.
  • Best approaches for security configuration knowledge base
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  • reports on compliance and general health

Types of Ransomware

There are a few ways or methods through which a ransomware attack takes place. And we have listed some of them below here, for you to understand. Remember that a better understanding of it will help you protect yourself smartly.


A phishing system is one of the most common ransomware attack types. This is done through an email. The hackers send an email that the victim is most likely going to believe and trust. According to studies, it has been unveiled that more than 90% of ransomware attacks take place through phishing.

Once the victim opens the email and clicks on the link or downloads the given or said attachment, the malware takes over the system and starts locking the owner out of it. This is done through encrypted files and the key to unlocking those files is only known by the hacker.


Another form of malware is known as doxware. In this ransomware attack, the hacker threatens the owner that he/she will leak their personal data. In the beginning, this was only confined to some specific files and documents. But with time, doxware is now done through private pictures, videos and messages. This is the most effective ransomware-type as the money is guaranteed in this. With phishing, you can create backups and prevent them yourself. But with doxware, you don’t have many options. However, you can always look for professional help as our legal systems are now actively fighting cybercrime too.


Anatova was discovered in 2018, thus, it is a newly invented form of ransomware. Thus, it is more advanced as well. Anatova tricks the user into downloading it, by appearing as a game icon or an app. It spreads very quickly, being highly advanced. Studies state that anatova is modular in design and can embed quickly. However, researchers do state that a lot of significant protection can help people, in securing their systems from it. It is not a huge threat (if caught on time).

There are many other types of ransomware and they keep adding on with time. However, using all the necessary steps to secure your systems is very important. Also, train your employees to identify an attack as well.

Can I be a Target of Ransomware?

No company is safe from cybercrime but if your organization is huge and the attacker can gain financial benefit from you; then you are prone to it, for sure. Also, if you have enemies in the industry; you need to be careful.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your systems from ransomware attacks is the best way to stay safe. Also, train your team as to how they must act if they are hit by one so that it is managed well. Hope this guide will help you to protect your systems. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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