How to Play Music on an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Music on Amazon Fire TV Stick: Are you searching for a way to listen to music on your Amazon Firestick then you are in the correct place. There is no storage of ways to get listening to music, By using the premium sound system you have purchased to watch movies at home is probably one of the good ways to go about it. After all, why should you need to buy two different sets of speakers to accomplish the same task? The Amazon Fire TV Stick also be predominantly about movies and Tv, But it is not just the trick pony. Thanks to the litany of apps and other content,  It will stream music right from your television, by allowing you to take the advantage of your soundbar or bookcase speakers and really jam when there is no one in your home.

How to Play Music on Fire Stick
Play Music on Fire Stick

On Firestick, you have options that how to listen. Then you can use the Amazon music application to stream. You can also make adding applications like Spotify or youtube by your TV stick or by using third-party applications like VLC or Kodi for playing your own music. Okay, let’s look at the way to play music on an amazon fire stick TV.

Amazon Music App:

amazon music app

The Amazon Music Applications is pre-installed on the Amazon Fire Stick. That is all you need to do is fire it up and any music you purchased via Amazon will be available. The music storage is no longer available so you’re able to play the music that you bought to stream. The Amazon Musix applications run fine and it will get access from Apps and channels if your Amazon Fire TV stick has already been set up, Then you can immediately look at all pieces of music that you have purchased by the application and you just need to select anyone to begin playing.

Amazon Prime members can listen to two million sets of songs and if you have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription you can enjoy listening to around 40 million songs. If you don’t have either of those, Then these other methods will help you listen to music easily.
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Spotify, Pandora, and Other Apps for Amazon Firestick:

Now you can access your Spotify account from the Amazon Fire TV StickPandora, Youtube, Tidal, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn are also available for Firestick. Depending on what is being preloaded at the time, some guys will already be installed. Otherwise, access the AppStore on your Firestick, install the relevant application, Then log in to your account and just begin streaming your favorite music.
I have tested Spotify on the Amazon Fire TV stick and it is working very well. I have downloaded and installed the application but once logged into Spotify. I can able to stream music through the TV without any problems. I would imagine the other applications are just as straightforward, although I have tried them. Please try all the apps and share your experience with us.

How to Play Stored Music on your Fire TV Stick:

Now you can able to play your own music through the Amazon Fire TV Stick if you know how to set up it. You can use the VLC for FIRE or Kodi to play any music you have stored and accessible on your home network. For this to work, you should need your audio to be accessible via your network on a shared folder. The rest is easy. Setting up a shared music folder can be as simple as setting it up in windows as a shared folder or setting it up on the dedicated music server. Either way, The machine has the music on it needs to get turned on and the access on your network Fire tv will be able to see it and access the music on it.
  • If you think to use VLC, install it, and open it.
  • Then select the media and open the folder.
  • Now navigate to your music folder should appear within VLC for fire TV and will be playable as long as they are in the supported audio format.

Play Music on the Amazon Fire TV Stick Using Kodi Player:

  1. If you have already installed Kodi on your Fire TV Stick, Then open the application.
  2. Then Select music and then navigate to the shared folder containing your media.
  3. Now select a track or an album from the folder for playing.
play music on amazon fire tv
If you haven’t already installed Kodi on your Firestick, No need to worry, we will guide you that how to do that. This process takes around 15 minutes and adds a whole new dimension to using the diminutive little streaming stick. As Kodi could theoretically be used the access illegal content, it will be not available on the Amazon App store. You need to sideload it to get it working but it is a breeze if you follow our given guides properly.
Amazon is used to allow you to make upload your own music to Amazon Music storage which will be made to access your content simply. Since it is removed, you need to do a little more work to be able to play your own. Via VLC for fire or Kodi, will be achievable as long as possible as you know how to set up a network share. otherwise, Spotify, youtube, and other applications will get the job done if you don’t have Amazon Prime or Amazon Music unlimited.
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