5 Best Android TV RAM Cleaner App – TV Memory Cleaning Apps Download

Android TV RAM Cleaner: Hello fox, are you an Android TV user And searching for the best app to clean your Android TV Ram? Then you are in the correct place, here in this article, I provide you with the top 5 best RAM cleaning applications for Android TV. Using this app you can easily clean up your memory and Boost Your Android TV speed. We have made this best app list based on the user’s review of our personal experience so please use the below list of apps without any hesitation. Today 80 percent of devices use Android operating systems like mobiles, laptops, TV, watches, and much more.  There are plenty of applications available in the Google Play Store developed by a dedicated android developer team to clean the RAM memory and cache memory of your device. Choosing the best RAM cleaner is very difficult so here we have listed the 5 best android TV RAM cleaners based on the research and reviews. Ok, let’s look at the best RAM-cleaning apps listed below.

Android TV RAM Cleaner
Android TV RAM Cleaner

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Best Android TV RAM Cleaner App:

Files by Google- Android TV Box Cleaner Apk

ram cleaner for smart tv

Files is an android application which is developed by Google LLC. This is one of the best file manager applications and I will help you to free up space and clean up the unwanted file in your device storage. This app is not only for clearing the RAM memory space it also helps you to manage your files and folders on your device.

This application has many features so we suggest you use the Files app to clean up your memory and manage your files on Android TV. Files application made more than a hundred million downloads and It has a 4.7 user rating in the Google Play Store.

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Features of Files by Google:

  • It will help you to manage your device files easily.
  • We can also share your files night photos videos dog ones or apps offline with nearby also have this app.
  • You can also find files very easily with the help of advanced search options.
  • It will also clear/clean your memory space and doosra device performance.
  • You can also take a backup of your files to the cloud or sd card easily. It also has many other advanced features.

CCleaner: Android TV Cache Cleaner

ram cleaner for smart tv

Ccleaner is also one of the famous and old android applications. This application is available for both pc and mobile devices. Monster profitable and popular cleaning software. Initially, this application is developed for pc and laptops then after the big success of the software, they released this app for android mobile devices. This application made more than 50 million downloads in the Google play store and has 4.6 user ratings.

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Features of CCleaner:

  • This app will clean and optimize your device by removing junk files and cleaning the ram memory.
  • Ccleaner will also help you to find the apps which will be dining your battery fast.
  • This app is one of the best user-friendly applications so you can easily optimize your device memory with a single tap.

Clean Master – Android TV Ram & Cache Cleaner Apk

ram cleaner for smart tv

Clean master is one of the best android device optimizer applications. This will increase the performance of the device within a few minutes. It has many options like removing junk files boosting your device, security for antivirus,  CPU cooler, and much more advanced features are available in the clean master application. This application is available on the google play store and it is made by a cheetah mobile company. This application made more than 1000 million downloads only on the google play store and has 4.7 is ratings.

Features of Clean Master:

  • Easy to free up memory space on your device.
  • Very fast and super clean for virus files.
  • It will optimize the device storage and speed up your android device easily.
  • The clean Master provides free antivirus so you can scan your device and remove unwanted wires files easily.
  • It has other options like battery saver, app lock, wifi security, and notification for cleaner.

SD-Maid- Android TV Memory Cleaning App:

The SD maid app is used to clean and free up your device memory and also helps you to manage your files and folders. This is a free application if you are an android user then you can easily download it from the Google play store. This SD maid system cleaning tool allows you to optimize your device database and helps you to find any particular files using the advanced search option.
This application made more than 10 million downloads and has 4.5 user ratings. It will show you the complete storage of your device in a clear way so anyone can easily understand the storage size and file information. It also shows you duplicate images, files, and documents so you can remove those files and save your memory easily. Download the app from the Google play store on your Android TV and boost your TV performance.

AVG Cleaner – Android TV Box Memory Cleaner:

Use this AVG Cleaner app developed by the AVG Mobile team which has many options and advanced features so you can really get the fastest device It will boost your device speed by cleaning the RAM memory. You don’t need to remember to clear your device memory just set and forget it AVG app will optimize your storage without our notifying you.
This app is completely free and available on all platform devices to download and install the app on android tv open your Google play store app and search AVG and click on the install button. Now you can easily clean your android tv RAM memory. This app made more than 50 million downloads and has 4.6 user ratings on the Google play store so you can use this tool without any hesitation. Now let’s look at the features of AVG cleaner.

Features of AVG Cleaner:

ram cleaner for android tv
  • It will help you to manage the app and memory of your device easily.
  • This app has a Battery saver and Memory optimizer option so within a few seconds you can easily free up your device.
  • The cache cleaner and imager optimizer options will help you more to free the device storage.


These are all the best android TV RAM cleaner apps. Choose your favorite and optimize your android TV easily. I hope this post will help you to choose the best app? Please share it with your friends and family. If you have any concerns please let us know in the below comment section. Thank you for the visit.
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