5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

Screen Recorder apps for Android: Hello Friends welcome to our blog. Before we take a look at the best screen recording apps for Android; let’s know about the screen recording apps. Before this screen recording app on Android, it was a difficult one to record the screen. To do the screen record your smartphone you must be rooted in your mobile. Now it’s an easy task to record the screen without rooting with this great screen recorder app on your Android device. Because of the large number of developers who have already created the Screen Recorder app in the Google Play Store so you can get the applications directly from your app stores. Okay, let’s look at the list of best screen recorder apk for android. The following are the best screen recording apps for Android.

 Best Screen Recording Apps
 Best Screen Recording Apps

1. DU recorder:

DU recorder

This is the last we see of the best screen recording apps for Android – DU recorder. It is a mobile screen recorder with a built-in video editor. DU Recorder APK is the best video recording app in the Play Store. Using this app, you can record your mobile screen and convert it into a valid video. It is a popular, standard and high-quality screen recording app with smooth recording.

Rated for users of all ages, the DU Recorder app is free to download and use but contains app ads. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.
DU recorder is safe to use. If you make your personal information public, it will not be safe for you, otherwise, it is completely safe for anyone because large YouTubers use it to sign up when they sign up via mobile.
DU Recorder is a standard, high-quality screen recorder for Android that enables recording of smooth and clear screen videos. With a variety of features like screen capture, video recorder, video editor and rooting requirements, DU Recorder provides an easy way to record on-screen videos such as game videos, video calls, live shows and more – making everything easy!

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Specials & Features:

  • No-root needed
  • There is no time limit for registration
  • High quality video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS
  • Provides interfaces in more than 20 languages
  • Screen recording
  • Multiple resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available; There is support for HD video
  • You can pause/restart the screen log
  • Enable front camera (Facecam)
  • Record external sounds
  • Control the recording of the screen by a floating window or notification bar.
  • You can hide the floating window for frameless video
  • Display the click function in the screen log
  • Turn off the device to stop the registration screen
  • Internal Storage/SD Card – will be an alternative storage location
  • Brush: touch screen to draw
  • Using WiFi-connected computer, you can download videos and screenshots to your computer
  • GIF Recorder helps you to record the screen as a GIF
  • You can also drag your screen with YouTube, Facebook, and DU Recorder

2. EZ Screen Recorder:

EZ Screen Recorder

One of the best screen recording apps for Android is EZ Screen Recorder. It becomes very famous because of its functions and features. It is an easy and powerful video screen capture software. It records screen functions in standard AV video files which is simple awesome. The file size which made by this app will be very small. It also has the ability to record audio from your mobile microphone, line-in or speakers to AVI. It will also provide the option of selecting the video and audio codec and quality.

The EZ Screen Recorder is specially designed and released to make your screen recording easier than ever before. With the help of this application, you can record your game screen, live chat, live streaming, live broadcast and everything you want with one click. The best part is all of the functions are completely free of cost. It also has no ads so you will not get disturbed while using the app.
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Specials & Features:

  • The most customizable menu is for you to decide on its transparency and size
  • All of your clips can be configured in the Video Manager to manage them and edit them without any background and no pain
  • You can record your text in real-time
  • Customizable front camera preview window that can be placed anywhere, disabled or disabled while you record it
  • HD quality (720p, 1080p), multi-bit rates and FPS recording
  • You can control your registration with a simple click drop-down notification
  • You can organize the videos you record using this app
  • You can instantly share your clips on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

3. REC – Screen Recorder:

Let’s look at the next best screen recording apps for Android which is REC – Screen Recorder. REC – Screen Recorder is a free screen recording application.This free screen recording app that allows you to record your screen in high quality (UHD, FHD, HD, etc.) with excellent audio from your microphone. It is designed to function in games, tutorials, video calls, live shows, video players and more.

Specials & Features:

  • Save and share smart video recordings
  • An ability to record audio from the microphone and display screen touches while recording, such as tutorials, promotional videos, and comments about your game.
  • You can add your logo or watermark to protect your work.
  • Screen – Easy to use screen recorder
  • Audio – Excellent audio quality
  • Rec – There is no time limit for recording
  • Rec – Can display screen touches when recording
  • Screen – pauses/resumes the screen log
  • A – Awake mode prevents the screen from being black
  • Flo – Controls the screen entry by a floating window or notification bar
  • The – Turn off the device to stop the registration screen
  • Stop – Turn off the screen to stop the recording
  • Storage – Multiple storage locations: internal memory / SD card / external USB device
  • Port – Choose portrait or landscape video orientation
  • Video – Supports multiple video resolutions: UHD, FHD, HD, HQ, SD
  • Frame – configurable frame rates and bitrates
  • Recording – Choose whether or not the audio is recorded
  • Recorded – Share recorded videos with ease
  • Edit – Option to edit the video
  • External – records external sound
  • The – Option to delay the start of the record
  • Logo – Add your logo or watermark in the video
  • Provides interfaces in more than 30 languages

4. ADV Screen Recorder:

ADV Screen Recorder

This is the fourth-best screen recording apps for Android – ADV Screen Recorder. This is an app that can record everything that happens on your device screen – and all sans root or a complicated and boring interface. Both the front and rear cameras can be activated when you record and the display is located in one corner of the screen.

Specials & Features:

  • Registration with 2 engines (default and advanced)
  • Need to pause recording (advanced engine required)
  • Draw Evil with your favorite color
  • Use the front or rear camera when recording
  • You need to set up your text with full customization
  • Set up your banner with full customization
  • The video must be organized

5. Super Screen Recorder:

super screen recorder

Fifth and last in the list of best screen recording apps for Android is Super Screen Recorder. It is software used to capture and record the functions of your screen. Users can record the full screen, window screen, fixed area or any part of the screen video. You can also record audio with video output. This requires a microphone and speakers.

Specials & Features:

  • Super Screen Recorder is one of the best professional screen recorder and screenshot applications.
  • No-root needed
  • There is no time limit
  • No watermark
  • Has great video editing features to create beautiful full HD videos
  • All features are free
  • Touch the Draw Screen the brush tool is used to draw a symbol or marks on the screen when recording or taking a screenshot
  • You can remove any part of the videos for free
  • Videos can be combined into one
  • You can add background music from your device to create a customized video
  • Can compress video
  • Can be shared with friends
  • You can turn your favorite part of a recorded video into an animated GIF file
  • You can share your GIF with one click.


There is a need or a situation to share our screen recording for various purposes so try to have this screen recording app always in your smartphone. Based on the features select any screen recording app and use it. if you have any queries or doubts regarding android apps please feel free to contact us.
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