Google AdSense Policy Update September 2019 –Publishers Must Know

AdSense Policy Update 2019: hello, friends welcome to our tech blog. Google AdSense is one of the best advertising companies across the world. They recently sent an email to their publishers regarding the new policy updates. Most of the people will get tense when they saw the mail because Google getting strict day by day. They try to provide the best advertising experience to their advertisers and also for the publisher so they need this type of updates. Okay, let’s see what the update is all about and what we need to do as a publisher. 
Adsense Policy Update 2019
Adsense Policy Update 2019
The main focus of this update is to simplify the content policies for the publishers across all their products like Adsense, Ad Mob, and Ad Manager and provide a healthy digital advertising ecosystem. 

Adsense Content Policy Update 2019 September:

This is a really good update for the content publishers. In the latest year, Google removed more than 700000 publishers and app developers from their ad network because of the violations they made. So now they have another idea [update] which will protect advertisers and also publishers. 
Based on the good publisher’s queries and requests Google made this simplification in their content policy. In September 2019, google will be made the new policy update which will be very useful for the publishers. Why I am saying it is good for the publisher because before this update if you do any content violations they will give you the policy violation alert and if you continue the violation they will disable the account. Now they will not provide policy violation restriction, instead, they will restrict the advertising to that particular content you can’t further push for the advertising on that content.
Google Adsense Update 2019 sep
Google Adsense Update 
So if you’re content is not advertiser friendly then, you will not get ads on your content, But if you do violations of site level or account level they will do the action for that.

What Content Publisher Should Do?

If you are one of the google content publishers then you need to check your content which is covering the google content policies or not. If you are using any of the following violations then you will get affected with this current update.

Publishers should Avoid/Remove the below Content Violations

  • Copied/Copyrighted content,
  • Illegal content,
  • Child Abuse Contents,
  • Dishonest Behaviors in content,
  • Misrepresentative Contents,
  • Un-wanted software’s related contents

If you are having one of the above content then you should remove those content to protect your account from the violations.


The above google AdSense content policy update will be rolling out in the next month so be ready for the update and try to provide contents which is advertising friendly don’t try to violate the google policies. Visit again to get more information about this AdSense update in the future. If you have any doubts related to this topic please leave a comment below.
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