Jio Giga Fiber Launch Date- 2 Months Free Internet Preview Offer

Jio Giga Fiber Booking: hello, friends welcome to our blog. Reliance Jio is one of the leading networking companies in India. The chairman of reliance industries is Mukesh Ambani. He recently announced the Jio fiber service. Jio is already providing mobile networking services now they step into a broadband internet connection service. In this Jio Giga fiber service, they will provide many features like telephone connection, broadband internet connection and finally TV set-top box. When I hear about this announcement I really excited I hope you too. Okay, let’s see what is the Jio Giga fiber launch date? And what is the preview offer of Jio Giga fiber?
Jio Giga Fiber Booking
Jio Giga Fiber Booking

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Jio Giga Fiber Launch Date and Booking:

This Jio Giga fiber service will bring many changes in the telecom field; hope this will be a broadband revolution in India. On August 12 they announced the basic price and launch date of Jio fiber is September 5.  If you want to get a new Jio fiber connection to your home or office please register your booking as soon as possible. This booking is now allowed in selected cities only so if you can’t register with your address then wait for the booking. 
The Installation of Jio Giga fiber is free but you need to pay the initial security deposit of Rs 2500. This 2500 is for the Jio fiber router device. The pre-booking customers will get 2500 as a refund after a few months. Let’s look at the offers and current Jio fiber plans.

Jio Giga Fiber Preview Offer and Plan:

  • The Jio currently providing Jio fiber preview offer which is a most expected offer from Jio because they always grab their customers by giving offers like these.
  • In the current offer, you will get an ultra-speed internet connection with 100mpbs. This offer is free for limited preview period [we expect this maybe 2 months].
  • With the above preview offer, they also added a complementary to access all jio premium applications. If you used all your data then you can also top up your data pack with 40 GB using Myjio app or website. 
  • In this preview offer, there are no installation charges applied and you need to pay the refundable security deposit amount Rs 2500 using your credit, debit or jio money app.

How to Register Jio Giga Fiber:

I know you are ready to get the Jio fiber set-top box after knowing the above preview offer, Then don’t waste your time just go to the official Jio fiber booking link which is given below. 

As I said before this jio Giga fiber booking is available for limited cities only if you are in the below cities then you will get the jio broadband connection.

Jio Fiber available cities:

  • Chennai,
  • Bengaluru,
  • Hyderabad, 
  • Kolkata, 
  • Jaipur,  
  • Surat, 
  • Vadodara, 
  • Jamshedpur, 
  • Haridwar, 
  • Gaya, 
  • Patna, 
  • Port Blair, 
  • Punjab, 
  • Noida, 
  • Ghaziabad, 
  • Bhubaneshwar, 
  • Varanasi, 
  • Allahabad,  
  • Surat, 
  • Agra, 
  • Meerut, 
  • Vizag, 
  • Lucknow and some more states. They provide almost all the cities only rural areas will cover in the future.

Once you register Jio fiber just leaves your comment. If you feel this info is useful then share it with your friends. Thank you visit again to get all the latest news and updates from all around the world.

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