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File manager for Android TV: Hi friend. happy to welcome you to our blog (Foxtechzone). Are you searching for the best file manager app for your Android TV? Then don’t worry Here we provide you the complete details about the file manager app with the download link of File Manager for Android TV. We know that the TV is one of the best entertaining devices in our homes. The TV is used for watching movies, songs, serials, all activities programs, and sports. In today’s times, it is impossible to see a house without a TV. Android TV is an advanced TV which is come up with new technology and a lot of features like a smartphone.
File Manager For Android TV
File Manager For Android TV

Android TV is similar to an Android mobile phone both are working on an android operating system. That means all the Android mobile features are available on Android TV with a bigger screen. In a nutshell, we can do all the things that you do on a small mobile screen, on a big screen. Android mobile only works for those who use it. But Android TV is set up for everyone in the family to use at the same time. Parents often do not see what children are watching, especially on mobile. But it is noticeable on Android TV. That means you can watch and control what their kids watch programs/channels. Not only this feature it has so many features and we all watch movies, songs, and images on the TV so we need a managing application to organize these files in our devices. LogicalDOC explains what is file management software and why you need it in the first place.

The file manager app is one of the best options for your smart TV file handling. Installing File Manager for Android TV is a simple task. The file manager app is freely available for android users in the Google play store. Which made more than 100 million downloads and has 4.4 user ratings in the play store. There are many file manager apps you can find in the play store but file manager which is developed by ASUS company is one of the best ones. Okay, let’s see how to download and install File Manager for Android TV.

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What is File Manager?

The file manager is an application that manages files effectively. Using this app you can manage all types of files, such as images, audio, videos, and apps. Common functions performed in groups of files include creating, playing, opening, printing, editing, renaming, moving, duplicating, searching for files, and modifying file permissions. This app will be very useful for all device users and it is available for all platform devices. Before downloading and installing a file manager on android TV just will look at the features of the File Manager app.

Features of the File Manager for Android TV:

File Manager For Android TV
File Manager For Android TV
  • The File Manager application manages all types of files.
  • Using this app you can do Creating, opening, play, editing, printing, rename, move, duplicate, searching for files are all included.
  • There is also the property of changing the file permissions.
  • Some file managers are seen with features inspired by web browsers including the forward and backward navigation buttons.
  • File Manager makes it easy to share files in the application with social media and other devices through sharing applications.
  • File manager for android TV app will help you to find the hidden unwanted files in your device.
  • You can also delete the cache files and log temporary files with the help of this app.
  • This app also shows you the device storage capacity so you can organize files accordingly.
  • You can easily use filters to search ]files and folders.
  • This file manager also provides you the cloud storage to save your device storage.
These are all the main features of a file manager app for android smart TV. Now we look at the detail of how to install the File Manager for Android TV.

Installing File Manager for Android TV:

Installing an app on Android TV is an easy task and is similar to installing apps on Android mobile. The file manager app can be installed on Android TV, just like installing the File Manager app from the Mobile Store  It is very good to install from official websites like Google play store So download the file Manager application from the Google Play Store. Installing File Manager for Android TV is as follows.
File Manager For Android TV
File Manager For Android TV
  • First of all, connect your Android TV to the Internet with good downloading speed.
  • Then open the Google Play Store app on your Android smart TV.
  • In the top search bar, you just type File Manager“.
  • Once the File Manager application is available on the Google Play Store just check it is released by ASUS and you need to click on it and download it to your Android TV.
  • There are a lot of file manager apps available in the play store so choose the correct one using the below link.
  • You should immediately install the File Manager app on your Android TV.
  • The File Manager app is free so you can start using it right away.
  • Now the File Manager application is ready to use on your Android smart TV
That’s it guys this is the best way to install the File Manager for Android TV. so share your experience with us in the below comment box.


Install File Manager for Android TV. As already stated, the File Manager can manage all types of files. It also makes it easy to search for the required files using filters. It also has the option of sharing files on social websites. Installing File Manager for Android TV is a simple task. now you can use a file manager on your Android TV. This post is very useful for installing a file manager for Android TV. If you face any issues just comment in the comment section. we will try to solve your issues. keep following for more updates. Thank you so much.
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