Emerging Trend – Mini-Programs & How Brands Can Use it for Marketing?

Mini-Programs: Ecommerce is already the focus of 18% of mini-programs. However, international brands have not yet fully utilized this marketing opportunity. In China, WeChat mini programs have over a billion members and has been among the most famous social commerce app for years.

However nowadays, more companies are using mini-programs and Pisell is also on such company that helps your ecommerce business grow with the help of mini programs.

China uses it for almost everything in everyday life because it has grown into an entire community. Mini-programs are mini-apps that are developed on top of WeChat’s current platform and IT infrastructure that customers are able to use without closing the WeChat app.

Wechat mini programs for branding

On WeChat, people use mini programs to buy movie tickets, get food delivery, and do other things without using different apps.

This means that mini-programs are becoming an even more important way for stores to get people interested. But so far, just a small number of well known international firms have started selling to Chinese consumers through WeChat mini-programs development software.

Consumers Choose Mini-Programs for Ecommerce

First, each page of a mini program can only hold two megabytes of data. This makes it easy for users to load them effortlessly and share them with other individuals. Actually, 35% of users gain access to them because they are shared by relatives or friends in WeChat.

They are over 60 numerous ways for users to access business mini-programs because they are built into WeChat in a way that makes them easier to find and use.

Secondly, customers can do closed loop purchases, which means they can find things, look at them, and pay for them without needing to download an app or open a new browser.

It is undoubtedly the biggest difference between using this app and using foreign apps, where you have to download various apps for every service, store, or payment method. Users are able to complete all tasks without ever stepping outside of the WeChat ecosystem.

All mini programs have WeChat Pay built in, so users can make mobile e-commerce purchases with a few touches of the finger. This makes the integration feasible.

Chinese internet users devote a third of their daily online time in WeChat. This is primarily due to the fact it is easy to use and has an environment that includes everything.

Mini-Program – How Brands Can Use It to Showcase Their Products

Technology Enhanced Product Showcase

Utilizing 3D models, AR filters, and VR movies, mini-programs can assist brands better show off their products by means of Live Stream. This makes the experience for customers much better and helps boost sales.

Mini-program Livestream is quickly becoming popular because it lets buyers see live images of the goods and buy them while the stream is going on.

Improved Profitability

When selling things online in China, a lot of shops and businesses in the retail industry still use old fashioned eCommerce systems. Although, platforms that fulfil orders usually charge a “use fee” that is between 8% and 20% of the sale.

Businesses can keep all of the money they make on mini programs because they don’t charge usage fees.

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Customer Engagement Through Native Features

Text messages and push notifications are usually used for message alerts on web pages, web apps, and mobile apps. However, mini programs utilize WeChat’s notification service to remind users of things like payments, orders, deliveries, and a lot more.

Additionally, this saves money and better captures the users’ attention since they are already on the platform.

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