DRM L1 Certified DaVinci 1 Pro Transforms Home Entertainment- Seamless Streaming, Endless Apps

DaVinci 1 Pro: Wanbo, a leading innovator in the projector industry, proudly announces the launch of its latest flagship projector, the DaVinci 1 Pro, set to revolutionize the market on March 28, 2024. According to official statements, this projector embodies the pinnacle of LCD projector technology.

DaVinci 1 Pro

DaVinci 1 Pro Features:

1. Built-in Official 1080P Netflix Compatibility:

Have you ever faced the frustration of only being able to stream Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+ at 480P resolution despite owning a purported 1080P projector? Wanbo DaVinci 1 Pro shatters this industry limitation, offering true 1080P streaming on these platforms, providing users with an unparalleled viewing experience.

2. Supports 4K Resolution:

Unlike most projectors priced at $299, which typically offer only 720P resolution, Wanbo brings a superior resolution with native HD 1080P support and the capability to decode 4K sources.

3. Dual 8W Speakers and 460CC Acoustic Chamber:

Dubbed unbeatable in sound quality under $500, Wanbo spares no effort in audio quality. With the DaVinci 1 Pro, Wanbo not only retains the awe-inspiring sound characteristic of the Mozart series but also optimizes the acoustic chamber structure, doubling it to 460CC compared to the industry average of 230CC.

4. Innovative Lens Technology:

Wanbo’s meticulous attention extends to the lens, a crucial determinant of projector clarity. The DaVinci 1 Pro revolutionizes industry technology by incorporating a groundbreaking 3+1 non-spherical glass lens, significantly enhancing image clarity compared to conventional models.

5. PixelPro 5.0 Innovative Sealed Optical Engine:

Wanbo’s PixelPro 5.0 enhances color correction, heat dissipation, and noise reduction, surpassing the open optical engines commonly used in the market. It boasts a longer light source life, better heat dissipation, and noise reduction, with minimal issues such as yellow spots or white spots, eliminating the need for regular maintenance.

6. Stringent Brightness Measurement Standards:

Wanbo employs stricter brightness measurement standards, utilizing a 16-point measurement system compared to the industry standard 8-point system. This meticulous approach ensures accurate brightness assessment across various environments, lighting conditions, and usage scenarios.

7. New ASA 3.0 (All-Scene Smart Algorithm 3.0):

The ASA 3.0 technology optimizes AI algorithms for superior performance. With over 10,000 optimized focusing algorithms, the DaVinci 1 Pro achieves real-time precision focusing.

8. DRM L1 Certification:

Stream media effortlessly in 1080P or higher resolution without additional devices, and enjoy access to the Google Play Store for downloading any desired apps, distinguishing it from projectors that claim official Netflix compatibility but lack app download capabilities.

9. Voice-Controlled Smart Home Integration:

Seamlessly connect to your smart speakers, locks, and windows for simplified control with voice commands.

10 New Google OS:

Featuring a seamless interface for enhanced convenience, built-in Chromecast, and comprehensive content search capabilities, the DaVinci 1 Pro also offers family account settings, enabling parental control and viewing restrictions.

Final Words:

Wanbo DaVinci 1 Pro sets a new standard for projectors, offering unmatched performance, innovation, and user experience. For more information, visit  (Limited Time Offer: $299 USD, Use $110 Coupon on Official Website: DaVinci1Pro_PR01) or our flagship store on AliExpress.