Introduction to WHOIS IP Lookup

WHOIS IP Lookup: IP addresses enable users to establish a connection between clients and servers, access data, and communicate. The Internet would not exist without IP addresses. Every IP address on the Internet is different and belongs to a specific person.


A WHOIS IP Lookup compares the IP address given (such as the one left by a website visitor) to the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to which that IP address belongs. This shows who owns the IP address, how to reach the owner (email, phone number, etc.), the owner’s address, the RIR, and more. In this article, we have done in-depth research on Whois IP lookup.

What Results Do You Get From IP Whois?

With the IP WHOIS results, you can determine who to contact if you need to contact the owner of a specific IP address. You will also discover details about the Internet service provider (ISP) that assigned the IP address. You can use the IP WHOIS results to contact your ISP and file a complaint against any misuse. You can also use the information about how to report abuse. But it’s best to talk to the ISP first since the owner of the IP address might not be the one doing the illegal activities. Through Whois IP, you can get the information about

  • Owner of IP address
  • Regional Internet Registries
  • Autonomous System Numbers
  • Location, the Contact information of the owner
  • Total number of IP addresses

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority:

An IP address that is used on the internet belongs to someone. An organization called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is in charge of allocating IP addresses all over the world. The organization deal with the reporting of information, such as IP address. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority administers regional Internet registries and Internet number resources.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority also gives IP addresses and autonomous system numbers to regional Internet registries (RIRs). These registries are in charge of giving out and registering Internet number resources in a specific part of the world. Each RIR has its own set of regional rules and policies that it follows when giving IP addresses to its customers and organizations.

Can You Track the IP Owner With Whois IP Lookup?

The WHOIS results show the name of the company or person to whom the IP address is registered in the IP WHOIS Database. However, it is impossible to obtain information on the end-user to whom the ISP allocates the IP address.

Only the ISP holds the original and accurate information about its end user. You can get it if someone orders the ISP to give you the name, address, and phone number of the end user.

How to Perform a WHOIS IP Lookup?

Perform an IP WHOIS Lookup to obtain WHOIS information for an IP address. Do the following steps.

  1. Open the tool for IP WHOIS Lookup (anyone you like), or may directly go to that URL:
  2. Enter a valid IPv6 or IPv4 address.
  3. Click the check now button after putting in the IP address.
  4. The tool looks up the IP’s WHOIS information and gives you that information.

WHOIS information will assist you in determining who to contact to reach the IP’s owner. Additionally, if someone is attempting to hack you or execute other spamming activities, it is the best way to access the abusive information in the search results.

If you want to obtain information about Whois IP, then you must consider the Whois IP lookup tool. You can give this information to cybersecurity authorities who can help you track the mobile numbers related to the person causing the issues.

WHOIS IP Lookups Helps In Competitor Analysis:

Whois IP lookup helps in competitor analysis by providing information about domain age, Whois server, domain status, names servers, contact details, registrar name, abuse contact address, date of creation, and expiration rate.

WHOIS IP lookup also assists marketers in competitor analysis. Marketers can use WHOIS IP Lookup to get all information about each domain and IP address of everyone who visits a website. Indeed, it also helps marketers in obtaining a list of all domains and IP addresses logged in their network.

This includes the name, organization, and email address of the owner. Using the names, they can do web searches to learn more about what the visitors are interested in. If they have more than one domain, it is recommended that they create a folder for each. Moreover, It also assists marketers in analyzing the information.

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IP addresses allow users to interact, access data, and establish a link between clients and servers. There would be no Internet without IP addresses. All Internet IP addresses are unique and given to individuals. IANA assigns global IP addresses. The organization is responsible for reporting information such as IP address and DNS root zone administration.

If you need to contact the owner of a specific IP address, you can use the IP WHOIS results to find out who to contact. You’ll also learn more about the Internet service provider (ISP) that assigned the IP address. Therefore it is very necessary to find the Whois IP information. If you want to obtain better results, then you must consider the IP Whois lookup tool.

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