What Is a Camshaft Lifter Kit and When Should You Replace Yours?

Camshaft Lifter Kit: The camshaft is a part of your engine that does the work of opening and closing the cylinder valves as needed.

Camshaft Lifter Kit

It is powered by the crankshaft through a series of gears and the timing belt, and the lifters are parts fitted to the cam that interact with the valve stems to trigger the actual state change. In many short block crate engines, the cam and lifters are not included, but there are some cases where they are.

Why Do People Upgrade Cams & Lifters?

Changing the size of the cam changes the timing of the valves opening and closing, which allows you to control for various performance variables as you tweak your engine design, depending on how you upgrade the cam. Engines have a limited range of compatible camshaft options, which leads to some drivers upgrading to a new crate engine that is compatible with the camshaft size they want to work with.

Even within the range of a given engine’s design, changing up the cam can make the difference between helping out your new drag slicks and being optimized for multi-lap distance races. Upgrading a camshaft for performance is a big project, but sometimes it is the only way to truly maximize your performance for the event of your choice.

When Should You Replace Cams & Lifters?

Replacing a camshaft due to necessity is rare, but it does happen. Whenever you do, you also need to replace the lifters. It’s a package deal. The obvious answer to when is when there is a catastrophic failure, like broken or warped camshafts. This can happen due to an accident or major mechanical failure, but it is not common. Warped cylinder heads can sometimes warp a camshaft, though.

You can check by removing the camshaft and putting it in a pair of V-blocks so you can measure the differential of its spin with a dial indicator. Understanding the appropriate amount of warp will require you to cross-reference the part’s original specs with the indicator’s output.

Lobe wear is the last reason you might need to replace a cam and lifter kit, and it can be hard to detect. A compression test will indicate it if there is a total failure to open a valve, but lobe wear that only affects performance under high RPMs and does not cause complete valve failure is a conclusion you arrive at by ruling out all others. In that case, the most efficient way to regain performance is often a replacement camshaft.

More Ways to Improve Performance Camshaft:

There are a lot of things you can do to help yourself get the most out of a new camshaft and lifter kit, especially if it is part of a total engine overhaul or short block upgrade. You can unleash its full potential with the right carburetor upgrade, like the Edelbrock AVS2 800.

You will want a new intake with that to make the most of it, and there are also tire and suspension upgrades to consider so you can put more of that power output to use. Start researching more upgrades today so you know where to go next.

FAQ’s Camshaft Lifter Kit:

1. Are there different types of Camshaft Lifter Kits?

Yes! Camshaft Lifter Kits vary by engine type and performance aims. They may be flat, roller, or hydraulic, each having pros and cons. Ask a technician or performance shop for advice on the correct kit.

2. What is a Camshaft Lifter Kit and what does it do?

A Camshaft Lifter Kit includes the camshaft and lifters, two essential engine parts. The camshaft rotates to open and close engine valves. As the camshaft revolves, its elevated lobes press on the lifters. Lifters transmit cam lobe push to valve stems, opening and shutting valves.

Consider that the camshaft controls valve timing and duration, while the lifters execute it. Their combined effect on engine power, torque, and efficiency is important.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, understanding camshaft lifter kits is important for engine performance. The camshaft’s valve action and lifters affect engine performance-critical dynamic state changes. Valve timing may be precisely controlled by upgrading cams and lifters for various performance demands. Rare catastrophic failures, such as shattered or deformed camshafts from accidents or mechanical faults, need replacement.

Detecting lobe wear is difficult, however replacement may help maintain high RPM performance. Synergistic carburetor, intake, tire, and suspension adjustments boost performance. Exploring these options maximizes a new camshaft and lifter kit for an exciting driving experience.

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