How to Configure the SEO Plugin for WordPress?

SEO Plugin for WordPress: Discover how to configure the SEO plugin for WordPress and optimize your website with the best plugin.

And knowing how to configure the SEO plugin for WordPress is one of the keys to optimizing your WordPress. This plugin offers the advantage of being free and there are a large number of users who consider it essential to optimize the operation of their website.

SEO Plugin for WordPress

There are those who seek to find the best SEO plugin for WordPress, but beyond this the solution lies in how to make the SEO plugin for WordPress have the ideal configuration.

SEO Plugin for WordPress- Yoast SEO Plugin Features:

The functionalities of the Yeast SEO Plugin are very varied:

  • It helps optimize SEO in the texts of your page, based on one or more keywords, with the possibility of applying it to both an entry and the pages where it is necessary.
  • Perform ownership verification in the Google Search Console tool.
  • It is a resource that selects what type of content should be indexed and what should not.
  • It offers you the possibility of editing valuable SEO files such as. HRAccess and the robots.txt file from the plugin.
  • Modifies permalinks and helps create system maps.
  • Get search engines to recognize social media profiles by associating them with your website.
  • Analyze the readability of your content and optimize web linking by counting the links included in your content.
  • Allows modification of the text, title or image that will be displayed when you publish your content on memoir ghostwriter such as Twitter or Instagram.
  • It offers the possibility of inserting tags such as no follow and do follow, meta robots index and the canonical URL.

How Can I Install the Yoast SEO Plugin?

You can install the Yeast SEO Plugin for free, downloading it from the WordPress repository.

Installing it is not complicated and you can do it in four simple steps:

  • Enter the WordPress menu and search for Plugins.
  • Click “add new”.
  • Write the phrase: “Add Plugin” in the search engine.
  • Install the Plugin option that will appear and activate it immediately.

And when you have it installed you will be ready to configure it

How to Configure Yoast SEO:

To configure Yeast SEO, you just have to enter the control panel. In this panel you will see 6 different tabs.

In the first tab you will see “Notices” and the “Problems” tab, but you should not enter these options until you have configured everything else.

Control Panel Features:

In the control panel is the “General” tab, where the “Text Link Counter” is located. When you activate the counter you will see all the links in your texts, which will help you interlink.

In addition to this, you can view the Rite and Essential Content option, which are used to check errors in the indexing of your site and select essential articles from your website.

Titles and Goals:

This is one of the most important parts since it is where you will be in charge of modifying your cover, the types of content and the taxonomy in your indexing.


It is the simple section where you will place your social networks so that search engines officially link them to your page.

XML Site Maps:

To use system maps you must first activate this function. In this tab, you will see the link to your system and discover which websites are on the map.

Likewise, with this option, you can work on the excluded entries and the type of content and taxonomy.


  • Breadcrumbsthat are disabled by default, but you can activate them to improve the writing of your site through Fiction Ghostwriters.
  • permalinksthat help you configure URLs and make your links much cleaner.
  • RSS Feed settingsthat allow you to make modifications to the default text to avoid content theft; and that is displayed before and after the articles in your website’s feed.


Within tools you will find three tabs:

  • File editor so you can modify two vital files for your site such as robots.txt and. HRAccess.
  • Massive editor that allows you to make a general edit to all your entries without having to do it individually.
  • Import and export the settings that other SEO plugins have to use them. Not to mention that it gives you the freedom to export to another website and make backup copies.

Search Console:

Setting up the Search Console is one of the easiest parts of setup. You just have to give Yeast SEO authorization to use Google Search Console.

To do this all you have to do is click on “Get Google authorization code”, and copy and paste the code that will appear. After doing so, the Google Search Console will detect all crawling errors that exist in your entries.

Premium Option:

It is the payment option of the plugin. The free version has enough features to keep you in this mode. The advantages that this Premium version has is to offer you a preview of the final display of your posts on social networks, a redirect manager, and suggestions related to internal linking.

Whether the paid option is right for you or not depends on you, but most people find the free features very good.

Optimize with the Yeast SEO Meta Box:

The Yeast SEO meta box allows you to edit all your content when editing or creating an article. Using this box enter the Yeast SEO traffic light that will show you the colors of a traffic light according to the quality of your entry.

Optimizing your blog with the SEO plugin for WordPress will be very easy if you follow the steps. And remember that if you need a level of optimization that helps you position yourself at new levels, you can always count on the professionals of the digital marketing agency in Sabadell, Market Boom.

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Simply put, the Yoast SEO app is an essential tool for AI-driven website improvement. Many features, like fine-tuning keywords, making sitemaps easily, and integrating with social media sites, make it a complete option for WordPress users.

Website owners can use the power of artificial intelligence to improve their online profile by careful setup of this tool. Ultimately, the Yoast SEO tool is the key to moving up in the search engine results, getting a highly sought-after spot in the vastly competitive digital world, and letting a growing number of viewers in.

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