How Can You Protect Your Dedicated Server India From Cyberattacks?

Cyberattack is a broader term that covers ransomware, malware, DDoS, etc. Cyber attackers are always on the hunt for vulnerable servers. Any server whether cheap or costly can become the victim of such attacks. 

Banking on the reputation of a hosting provider is not enough to secure your data. Even a high-end server like a dedicated server needs extra cushioning to secure the data during the transmission stage.

What if we tell you that with some pro tips, you can ensure the server and data security of your  dedicated server India? You need to read the entire article to discover the tips. 

5 Pro Tips To Protect Your Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in India From Cyberattacks

A cyberattack can bring all your nightmares to reality. Such attacks can result in breach, loss, and theft of data. Moreover, a cyberattack can cause reputational damage to the business and website by bringing down the uptime too. Some easy yet effective steps like below can aid in higher security on a dedicated server.


Obsolete software and applications on your Dedicated Server Plan in India can offer the required loophole to hackers to get hold of the server. A regular and timely updation of all such tools can fix all the patches before it gets too serious. An updated tool is just like a properly maintained roof that saves the family from getting drenched on rainy days. 

Robust Access Controls

We often ignore the importance of potent passwords. A weak password like using a related name or date can be a cakewalk for a hacker who is trying to enter your server. It is very important to use long passwords that contain both small and capital letters along with symbols and numbers. Make sure your password is least related to your details like date of birth and name, as this type of information is easily available on the Internet. Also, you can implement multi-factor authentication that requires additional inputs like OTP.

Effective Firewall

Every day servers get fake requests from external threats. Even a single fake request or packet when entertained by the server can lead to horrific exhaustion. An effective firewall does the work of permitting access to outside packets that seem genuine. This ensures the elimination of fake packets at the network level of an India dedicated server.

Routine Backup

Implementing a regular backup on a dedicated server hosting in India is like keeping a spare shirt in your bag when you go out on rainy days. In the event of hardware failure or data breach, the user experience of a website goes drastically down if the event gets stretched. With proper backup, you can quickly come back to normalcy.

Sharp Network Monitoring 

You must have seen a crowded exam hall where an invigilator keeps on monitoring the exam-takers to avoid any attempt at cheating. Similarly, an intrusion detection system manages to look over suspicious activities and report them to the server. Such systems are very helpful in detecting malware in real-time scenarios. 

Where You Can Buy Secure Dedicated Server Plans in India? 

Hostbillo offers the best and cheapest dedicated server services in India. The most basic plan starts from just ₹6001 and the pricing goes up to ₹12500 for a high-end Indian dedicated server plan. More importantly, all the plans by Hostbillo offer 32 GB RAM and 5 TB bandwidth regardless of the pricing. Their IPMI access is very beneficial when it comes to getting hold of your server. 

Each of Hostbillo’s dedicated server India plan comes with flexible SSH root access and anti-DDoS protection. If you are not experienced with operating a single-tenant server, Hostbillo’s 24/7 technical support can solve your problems. Let’s check out Hostbillo’s special benefits that will arm you up against a cyberattack.

High-End Data Center

The platform has top-class data centers that enhance the physical security of the server. With smart surveillance options and allowance of only authorized access. Hostbillo offers the highest level of physical security for the data.

Secure File Transfer

Hostbillo has made sharing files and data safer with proper network security. The tempering of data during the transmission state is at zero level due to robust encryption.

Routine Security Patches

Hostbillo leaves loopholes when it comes to Indian dedicated server security. The expert technical team of this hosting provider keeps the network up to date with proper security patches from time to time.


Safeguarding your dedicated server India from cyberattacks is paramount for data security and uninterrupted online operations. By adhering to best practices such as timely updates, strong access controls, effective firewalls, routine backups, and vigilant network monitoring, you can significantly bolster your server’s security posture.

However, your choice of a hosting provider is equally critical. Hostbillo, for instance, offers secure dedicated server hosting plans in India with top-tier data centers that provide robust physical security. Their commitment to secure file transfers through encryption, regular application of security patches, and round-the-clock technical support further fortify your server against potential threats.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing commitment, and continuous monitoring and adaptation to emerging threats are essential to maintaining the resilience of your India-dedicated server against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.