How To Do a Rural Route Address Lookup?

Rural Route Address Lookup: Rural route addresses are something that many individuals deal with across the United States, and these addresses can be confusing for both their owners and visitors alike. Rural route addresses are difficult to pinpoint with a GPS and make navigation a challenge, which is why it’s important to look up the street address connected to a rural route address when possible.

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Our article gives you more information about rural route addresses, including advice on how to find the exact street address of something located on a rural route for navigation purposes. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

What Is a Rural Route Address?

A rural route address is typically used for properties not located nearby larger cities and towns, and the address can include many different roads and streets. Additionally, the post office in that area may change which streets and roads are included from time to time, making things more confusing.

The USPS provides detailed information on the format of a rural route address, stating that a piece of mail addressed to any type of rural route address should include the format “RR ## BOX ##,” where the ## signs represent the actual numbers of the property.

Of course, GPS systems and many navigational services have trouble finding addresses in this format, making it important to nail down a specific street address so you can find a particular location on a rural route.

Why Might You Need To Find a Rural Route Address?

There are many reasons why you might need to find a rural route address; we list some of the most common reasons below:

  • You are trying to find a location to visit, or you want to return to a location to visit and need to save the address.
  • You are trying to locate an address in an urgent or emergency fashion.
  • You want to deliver something or send mail to someone living along a rural route and want to ensure it ends up in the right place.

It’s important to note that if you are experiencing a true emergency related to reaching someone at a rural route address, your first step should be to call 911. 911 call centers have software that converts rural route addresses to street addresses for easy navigation and will be able to help you more accurately.

Looking Up a Rural Route Address

To run a rural address lookup and find their exact city-style street address, you can try out one of the following methods below.

Contact the Post Office

The post office located nearest to where the rural route address you are searching for is a great place to start when you want to find an exact street address for this location. You will need the zip code and county of the rural route address at least, and it helps to also have the rural route address in the USPS’s preferred format of RR ## Box ##.

The staff at the post office may be able to help you look up the exact street address with their software so you can properly address mail or utilize the address to accurately navigate yourself to the location on the rural route.

Reach Out to a 911 Call Center

As we mentioned above, 911 call centers typically have software that allows them to convert rural route addresses to city-style street addresses for navigation purposes. You will need to contact the 911 call center in the same county as the rural route address you are trying to find, and don’t call 911 to get in contact – look up the center and find the non-emergency number or inquiry line to speak to a staff member and see if they can help you locate the address without tying up emergency lines.

Use a Reverse Address Lookup Tool

Rural route address lookup tools are a convenient way to find all of the address information you need. Simply enter all of the information you know about the address, such as the county, zip code, and rural route address number, and run the search. The online tool will pull all public information about the address and provide it to you in an easy-to-read report so you can find the accurate street address you need.

Finding the Rural Route Information You Need

When it comes to tracking down the exact street address of a rural route address, you may be confused. However, this process doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. Simply use one of the search methods we discussed to find the exact city-style address of a location on a rural route, and you will be able to navigate to that location or send mail there with ease.

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