6 Ways – AI Technology Is Effectively Solving Real-World Problems

Artificial intelligence (AI)  has completely changed the game for how we solve our problems in the real world. The most important elements are its ability to process a large amount of data in a short period and to identify patterns that we meager humans wouldn’t be able to do on our own. AI technology can come up with different solutions to many real-world problems. In this article, we’ll describe how.

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Improved Customer Service

Providing exceptional and quick customer service to date is one of the biggest challenges that many businesses have to face. When you have millions of customers from all over the world, it can get tough to deal with all their queries promptly. If you don’t reply on time, customers get dissatisfied and start to look elsewhere.

But the AI technology can help these businesses resolve their customers’ queries. All they need to do is create an AI-based chatbot that can answer simple queries in less than a second with knowledge from thousands of resources.

Moreover, adding AI chatbots means you don’t need a lot of manpower and your support agents are free to focus on more pressing matters. More and more businesses like Xfinity customer service have implemented such technology for an improved customer service experience.

Convenience in Online Shopping 

A few years ago, shopping for products online was a nightmare because it took hours to find products from the catalog. But AI technology changed that with its predictive technology. Now when you search for an item online, thousands of results will appear on your screen.

You know all those times you were discussing getting some new shirts or pashmina with your friends, and in the next few seconds, you see ads for shirts or pashmina turn up in all your social media apps? That’s AI at its finest.

Benefits in Farming

We are still getting hungry for food every day, and according to statistics, we are consuming a lot. At this rate, we need to produce around 50% more food. But with the limited resources we have, our farmers are unable to produce to meet such a demand.

When we bring AI into this equation, it’s a total game-changer from the traditional methods of farming. Take the example of See and Spray technology of Blue River Technology: it uses a camera to analyze each plant with AI, supported by an expansive database.

This expansive technology identifies weed infestation and then sprays pesticides on only those plants that have it. This just shows how AI can also play such a vital role in the production of food.

Have Interactive E-Learning Experiences

E-learning is one of the fastest-growing industries, but the real challenge comes when you try to keep up with its pace. How to choose the best and most effective, from the millions of e-learning courses available?

When you use AI, it is easy to design any interactive course i.e. using features like personalized tutoring sessions, learning pathways, targeted marketing, real-time questioning, and more.

The reason platforms like Duolingo, Thinkster, Querium, etc. are getting so popular now because they have all been designed with the help of AI technology.

Athletes’ Performance Improvement 

AI technology can also be applied to the life of a sportsman. Sportsmen know that their profession demands a sheer dedicated and endless amount of practice. But you do need some strategy as well, which is where AI comes in.

AI technology provides information on all their previous training sessions and games they have played by analyzing through the machine learning algorithm. This helps the player to develop better techniques and work on their weak points.

AI is also helping players to avoid injuries and keep a close eye on their levels of strain and exertion.

More Frauds Are Getting Prevented

Last but not least, security is also an important factor that is being focused on by using AI. Many large enterprises are using AI solutions to prevent fraud and improve their security to counter them.

MasterCard uses AI and deep learning to identify transaction patterns that are not familiar and thwart any means of card fraud. This means that thousands of transactions being made every second are monitored with the help of AI to detect patterns, using users’ geographic information, their account information, and their transaction data.

Hence, AI has helped millions of users from getting their cards hacked since businesses started applying AI technology to their systems.

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Final Thoughts

In short, the concept of AI isn’t fiction anymore. It’s very much real and is already bringing about so many changes in the world. The above-mentioned real-world scenarios already explain a great deal about how much we have achieved through AI technology that we deemed impossible just a few years ago. Hence, AI is going to continue revolutionizing our lives!

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