You’ve certainly heard this word – gacha! There are hundreds of different gacha games on mobile, and in fact, they make one of the biggest genres both on iOS and Android nowadays. The idea is simple – summon/farm/collect numerous heroes or champions. Angels? Demons? Pirates? Dinosaurs? It can be very difficult to know where to start with so many options to choose from. Particularly for those that haven’t played a gacha game before. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! So, here are the top 5 gacha games you should try in 2022.

Best 5 Gacha Games on Mobile
Best 5 Gacha Games on Mobile

1. RAID: Shadow Legends.

Well, even if you don’t have a phone, there is a quite big chance that you’ve still heard of this game or seen its commercial, or noticed your friends playing it. Even our friends from Exycasinos play the game in their free time to take a break from reviewing the best online gambling platforms. Shadow Legends is the arguably biggest gacha, both available on PC and mobiles hundreds of champions to summon, dozens of different game modes, tons of content to battle through, and stunning graphics! You should definitely try RAID out, especially since it’s got a new update recently.

2. Awaken: Chaos Era

If RAID can be viewed as an old king of the gacha genre, this game is a sort of a young pretender trying to dethrone the king. The game is F2P-friendly and can boast a nice storyline and a really pleasant visual design. Oh, and it has its own mascot – a funny squirrel named Foody!

3. AFK Arena

Are you tired of spending hours on your daily routine in your mobile games? Here’s the answer! AFK Arena is, well, AFK! It basically plays itself while you’re offline busy with some real life, and when you log in, the game gives you all the stuff earned during your absence. Very convenient, isn’t it? Another advantage of AFK Arena is its visual design – it resembles both comic books and medieval paintings.

4. Arknigths

Arknights brings something really different to the genre by mixing regular gacha elements such as hero summoning and collecting with… Tower defense! That’s right, you can ward off hordes of enemies with your newly summoned champions, although it’s much less AFK than any of the other titles in this list.

5. Marvel Strike Force

While all the games in this list create their own fictional universes and fill them with new heroes, in Marvel Strike Force, you can summon the greatest Earth’s heroes and fight alongside them. You know their names, don’t you? Iron-Man, Thor, The Hulk, Spider-Man, and many more await you in this game.

Honorable mention: Summoners War.

We just can’t skip the very first game that started the whole genre of gachas – Summoners War. Nowadays, eight years later (SW was released in 2014) game is showing its age both in graphics and gameplay mechanics, yet it’s still worth giving it a try. And that was our Top-5 list of gacha games.

They can be different in terms of gameplay, graphics, and story plot. However, the general idea is still the same – summon the best champions to your cause and fight your way to victory! Tell us in the comments which gachas you played and which of them you would include in this tier list?

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