The Best Sites to Create Your Logo Online

Having a good logo can make a difference between the success and failure of your brand. Today, we will discuss the five best sites to create a logo online. Although it is a job that designers commonly do, you can also do it yourself with a bit of enthusiasm, creativity, time, and free tools.

Why is a logo necessary

It is undoubtedly one of the main communication resources that a company or brand should have. In addition to being part of the corporate identity, the logo helps create trust and relationships with the public. Simply put, it is the visual representation of any company. This is the reason you will find logos printed on personalized memo pads of all the companies.

best logo creating websites

It is so important to have a well-structured logo that can make the whole company, its values, line of business, or activities associated with it just by seeing it.

For example, if you are a digital marketer and want to get more clients and close more sales? Try to grow your brand visibility on social platforms like LinkedIn. A good logo and relevant LinkedIn hashtags can bring you the right audience knocking at your inbox.

Characteristics of a Good Logo

Before you begin to delve into the creation process, you must know the aspects you must consider when putting together a good logo. As for the technical or aesthetic section, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Instead of using tones, use flat colors
  • Your logo has to be scalable to use in various applications
  • Avoid using many colors
  • Control yourself with the sources, use few and, if possible, only one
  • Skip the use of outside lines
  • Rule out including text within the Logo
  • Forget putting your Logo inside a box

Now, beyond the technical recommendations, the Logo must be:

  • Legible: easy to read at any size
  • Impressive: catches the eye at first sight
  • Timeless: that its design lasts over time
  • Unique: that the design of your Logo is exclusive to your company
  • Reflection of your brand: that communicates the values of your company or product

Remember that a quality logo is of utmost importance to be present in the minds of those who see it and achieve a relationship with your brand or company. Now yes, give free rein to your creativity and try the five best sites to create your logo online.

Top 5 Sites to Create Your Logo Online

zyro logo maker

With this logo maker, you can make your creative ideas come true. It only takes a minute to design a logo and to top it off. It’s free, and you will not need help from a designer. You’ll be able to customize every element of your newly created Logo, from size and text to shapes, to make it perfectly reflect your company.

This option uses professional design elements combined, adjusted, and modified to match your company and brand. In the end, a unique logo is generated, which you can then adjust to fit your brand vision. Once you’re satisfied, download the file and make the most of your new Logo.

It is worth mentioning that the images you generate with the Zyro platform are licensed for full commercial use, and this means that you can use them to generate profits and they can be modified in any way you like.


It is a 100% free online logo designer, with which you can obtain professional results without all the investment involved in hiring a formal designer. It has a gallery of thousands of images, a wide variety of fonts, and nearly three thousand icons and graphics to use in your creation. Its interface is so easy to use that you can get your Logo in a matter of minutes and use it on different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, or on the web page.

It is recommended to save your design as a PNG as this will retain the best quality and resolution for whatever you want to use it for, be it print or web. One of the features that make it stand out from other online logo maker sites is that it doesn’t require any payment to download your designs. Amazing!


This is a paid option to create logos online, but it stands out that nearly six million users across 167 countries vouch for the quality of the results obtained. In addition to logos for your brand, it also offers you to create other items to reinforce your corporate identities, such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and your favicon.

Logaster currently handles two types of plans to create your logo online. Of course, they also have free versions to download. However, if you want to have full control of your logo design, we recommend you invest in paid plans, which offer licenses for commercial and personal use so that your design remains protected from any opportunists.

Free Logo Design

If you are looking to create your Logo from other proposals created by professional designers, you can choose to use Free Logo Design. This online tool offers you a wide variety of templates to edit.

It is possible to get a free version of your Logo as you can see. However, if you want a higher resolution version to look good on all platforms or in print, you need to pay.


With DesignEvo logo maker, you can create logos with many premade logo templates. You will find more than 10,000 templates, from truck logos to YouTube logos, from luxury logos to vintage logos, etc. Choosing one will take you to the editing page, where you can design the logo to your liking.

You can click the Download button on the top right corner to download it. And it will take you to a page to download your Logo in low or high resolution, and you can get the high-resolution logo with a little money. You will get transparent PNG files in basic and vector files in SVG format and Logo copyright ownership on the Plus plan.

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