TBC Classic Gold Farming: 7 Ways To Make Gold FAST!

TBC Classic Gold Farming: It’s been about a decade since World of Warcraft’s “The Burning Crusade” (AKA TBC) expansion pack was first released.

It was the first expansion pack that was released for World of Warcraft, and thus new strategies and methods of TBC classic gold farming were created.

Make Gold Fast in TBC
Make Gold Fast in TBC

Over the years, there have been multiple different expansions to play through, but sometimes you want to take a stroll back down memory lane and enjoy playing the classic versions of WoW.

One thing that you will always need is a way to farm some gold, and to do it FAST! Luckily for you, this article will give you all the information you need to get started!

7 Ways To Maximise How You Farm TBC Classic Gold

1. Loot Everything You Can While Levelling

Grind mobs or complete quests with high experience yields until it is time to go inactive, then log back in when there are better respawn rates.

This allows leveling faster while also making some gold along the way from selling loot that drops during this period of downtime.

2. Always Make Use Of Your Bag Space

All of the gold you farm is wasted if it sits in your inventory, so always make use of your bag space by looting and selling as many items or trash drops as possible.

3. Create A Second Character

Creating a second character allows you to have them spawn next to the auction house, so you can send your excess items to them and not have to waste time traveling back and forth.

You can also level them up and choose a different profession and try gaining some gold that way.

4. Craft Items You Can Sell

Many crafted items can be sold at the auction house for profit.

There’s an art to making serious bank in crafting, like creating your own bags, Spellcloths, or even selling off certain crafting recipes.

What you should do is have a look at what items are selling like hotcakes on your server, and pick a profession that can make those items.

5. Pick Up A Gathering Profession

If you do not want to make your own things to sell, you can just pick two gathering professions.

This will allow you to continue making gold till your well past level 70.

They work well because mats are generally highly sought after, as well as ores due to Jewelcrafting.

Newbie players would want to level up their own professions, and might not have the materials to do so.

One example of a great gathering profession is herbalism for a Druid. You will be able to make use of your flying ability to gather herbs while in flight.

6. Learn How To Fish

Fishing is another secondary profession that can be surprisingly lucrative.

It’s one of those things you like to do when you don’t feel like grinding mobs or quests, and something you can do to chill and relax.

Certain fish can be used for many different endgame recipes…

For example, the fish ‘Mote of Water’ can be turned into Primal Water that can be sold for a nice price at the auction house.

7. Do Your Daily Quests

Daily requests are always active and an easy way to make some TBC classic gold.

These dailies are a great endgame way of leveling up your reputation and unlocking new items, and as a by-product, get some gold.

See which daily quests reward you with the most gold and prioritize them.

Alternative: Buy A TBC Classic Account Or Buy Gold Directly

TBC Classic Accounts

If you want to skip the waiting, then buying a pre-existing account is always an option.

Places like Eldorado have an automated system that auto-deliver your TBC Classic accounts after your purchase.

All of the details of the account are outlined, including the region, server, and class, all you have to do is change the passwords on the accounts.

Beware that trading accounts are against Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions, and there is always a risk when buying an account.

Although I have had many experiences in the past buying accounts, always do your due diligence, and only buy from a seller with a high reputation on these websites.

You will be able to leverage people’s hours of grinding and hard work. Of course, The higher the level, The higher the price.

But this way, you will be able to cut down a ton of hours grinding yourself.

TBC Classic Gold

Additionally, you can buy TBC Gold directly from Eldorado.

You enter your WoW details and they will send you to gold directly by Mail or via Face to Face trades.

Just like buying accounts, do your due diligence first before every transaction.

Final Words:

These are all the best ways to make gold in the TBC classic. Hope these easy ways will help you to play TBC classic gold farming effectively. If you have any queries related to the above guidelines please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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