Benefits of Using a Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated Hosting Server: Hello folks, are you looking for dedicated web server hosting for your business. By choosing the dedicated server gives you more flexibility and can get your needs to host a web application. If you want to develop your business then dedicated hosting sever will helps you for that which gives you fast, more safe, has more software tools and it is perfectly controlled, it is very important for the company’s growth. You can save your money because, the service provider of the dedicated hosting server maintains, built, and controls the server so that you don’t need to purchase its server.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting
Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Which is Better Dedicated or Shared Hosting Server?

The above benefits are coming under cost, shared server is best for you if you have a low or medium-traffic website because it is very cheap. But if your client needs customization in resources and required more security and you have more traffic for your application then a dedicated hosting server is most suitable for you. We always suggest our readers use HostZealot hosting provider which provides high-quality web hosting services and gives many offers.

Both Dedicated servers and Cloud servers look similar but can be used for business depending upon the needs. Cloud servers can be designed to provide levels of performance, execution, security, and control similar to those of a dedicated server. Using cloud servers, you can boost IT performance without the high costs associated with purchasing and managing fully dedicated infrastructure. Learn more about cloud servers and how it is important in cloud platforms by taking up a Cloud Computing certification, which will help you to choose the right hosting services for your application or website.

Advantages/Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Server:

1. Flexibility:

 A dedicated web server provides resilience to host the application, as per your customer’s needs you can customize the RAM, CPU, disk storage, software, etc. It is the best choice if you want more resources and a customized server. But in the shared server hosting, the customers are not able to customize the application rather they are limited with the software, disk space, and application. The server provider offers you some software that customers do not require.

2. Unique IP Address:

We all know that each server has its unique IP address individually. In dedicated hosting server has its unique IP address, this is very much important if you are managing an E-commerce that asks for SSL which establishes an encrypted link between the web server and a browser.

In shared hosting, your IP address is shared with many other websites. If one of your associates or colleague has spam on their site this could make your website moves down in ranking.

3. Maximum Performance and Security:

A Dedicated server helps to increase the uptime of your website. A Shared hosting server is best suitable for medium and low-traffic websites. If your website has high traffic then a dedicated hosting server has more safety and durability. In this, you are aware of sharing spaces with venomous websites and spam sites. It gives you more security than other servers, mainly it is very much important for the industries to share sensitive information only through SSL (Secure sockets Layer) or FTP. They serve you 24×7 about the problems and complaints with support.

4. No Worries About Maintenance and Purchasing:

If the company does not have time for maintenance and managing the server then go with a dedicated hosting server because the service provider manages everything at the cost of building and maintaining the server. This will helps in reducing the overhead cost of the company.

5. Server Resources are not get Shared:

By using this server you will get all the resources of the single server. Your server won’t get slow because your application is not shared with any other sites. Space is occupied only by your dedicated server. You won’t worry about the other website clogging with the server’s RAM, disk space, and CPU. By using a dedicated server, you need not feel for server slows down problems and running issues.

6. Full Control:

This is the very important advantage of a dedicated server, it gives you full control of the server. You can implement or line up the site management tool and application and the server provider able to service them according to your wish.


If you really need all the above benefits on your hosting server then you should go for dedicated web hosting. We hope that you read this article completely and have cleared up why you need to use this server and the benefits of using a dedicated hosting server. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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