Netflix India Plans- They have a Yearly Subscription?

In today’s day and age of digital media, we all use various sources for entertainment. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar have gained immense popularity over the past few years. Like any other service, you need to take a monthly or yearly subscription to Netflix. In this article, we will explain in detail Netflix plans for you to choose from.

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Why Netflix?

One of the most popular OTT streaming platforms Netflix provides you with great content. In India, Netflix’s yearly plans have not yet been introduced. There are different monthly plans from which you can choose. Each plan has different features and benefits based on its cost. By subscribing to Netflix you can enjoy original shows and movies based on your taste.

Netflix Yearly Subscription Plans

At the moment there are no yearly subscription plans available on Netflix. 4 different monthly subscription plans are available which can be purchased for a year on a monthly basis.

Netflix india plans

1. Netflix Mobile Plan

Netflix’s monthly plan starts at Rs- 199 per month. This subscription is limited to smartphones only. If you prefer to watch shows anytime or anywhere, this plan is for you. You can actively use only one screen and can download videos on one device. If you want to watch Netflix on TV or PC with family and friends, this plan is not the ideal option. The mobile plan will cost Rs- 2388 per year.

2. Netflix Basic plan

Next to Netflix’s mobile plan, they offer a ‘Basic’ plan at R- 499 per month which will be Rs- 5988 per year. With this plan, you can watch on a smartphone, laptop, or TV. But the number of active screens is limited to only one. It means that you can watch shows on any device but at a time you can watch on only one screen.

3. Netflix Standard Plan

This is the plan if you want to enjoy shows on more than one screen. You can share the screen with family members or friends with this plan. The price of a Netflix standard plan is Rs- 649 per month which will be Rs- 7788 a year. It gives you 1080p resolution and allows you to download videos on two devices.

4. Netflix Premium Plan

The most priced plan in Netflix’s plans is the premium. The per month cost of the premium plan is Rs-799 per month or Rs- 9588 a year. The screen limit is 4 in this plan. With a single subscription, four different devices can stream videos at the same time. This plan is ideal if you can share it with others as well. If a single account has many users, each will have a personalized profile depending on the shows they watch. This way every user can have their own individual account within the account.

How to cancel a Netflix subscription?

If you do not want a Netflix subscription as the billing is done automatically at the end of every month, you can cancel it. The process to cancel your subscription is very easy. You can follow the steps below for cancellation;

● Visit on a web browser.

● Go to your account which is under the profile icon.

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● On the next page, you can see the ‘Cancel Membership’ option.

● You can either change your plan to others or cancel your membership wholly.

After cancellation, you can still watch Netflix till your current plan ends. For the next month, your account will not be billed. If you have purchased the subscription through iTunes, you must cancel it through your iPhone or iPad in the settings.

Netflix’s Free Trial

Earlier Netflix had a 1-month free subscription for people who were not sure about the subscription. One had to share bank details while opting for a free trial and after the trial period, the amount was automatically deducted from the account. According to CnetNetflix now ended its trial for Worldwide users. You must pay before purchasing the membership.


Netflix is yet to introduce a yearly plan for its Indian audience. Monthly plans can be subscribed to on a yearly basis. Separate user profiles give a personalized touch while watching Netflix. Based on what you watch, shows will be recommended to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Netflix have a yearly subscription?

Netflix only has 4 monthly subscription plans. Netflix is yet to introduce yearly plans in India.

2. Does Netflix have ads?

Netflix does not have any ads while you are streaming any videos. Subscribers can enjoy the content without any ad interruption

3. What is a Netflix streaming party?

Netflix has recently started a Netflix streaming party so that you can watch shows with distant friends or family. You can also chat while watching videos.

4. How does the Netflix billing cycle work?

Once you add your debit/credit card while subscribing to Netflix, your account will be charged automatically for the next month unless you cancel the subscription.

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