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SHAREall for PC Download:  Hi everyone. In today’s world, everything has become a digital world. More than half build with the help of a computer. During this time many partitions take place from one device to another. But it will take some difficulty to do this. Do you want to transfer files from one device to another without cables? Do you need to change files especially when there is no internet help? And are you looking for the best way to share video, audio, photo, or file with close friends? One of the best applications for this is the SHAREall app. Its best feature is that you can share files individually or in a bucket format. It also includes applications, videos, photos, music, office (PDF, .docs), etc.

SHAREall for PC
SHAREall for PC

About  SHAREall – File Transfer App

SHAREall for PC

SHAREall is an application that allows you to easily transfer files from one device to another. It does not require an internet connection and cables. This application can be used to share offline applications, videos, photos, music, office, APK, PDF, etc. without using mobile data at any time. And you can transfer files from anywhere to your friends’ mobile at any time. Furthermore, there is no limit to the file type or size. This allows you to share files in a matter of seconds, no matter how large they are. The best sharing app for you and for free. Sharing data is unlikely to have been so easy before. But file transfer through Shareall has the best features like enjoying unlimited data sharing completely free. In particular, it allows you to share all types of partitions from one device to another without any WiFi. 

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Key Features of  SHARE all Application for PC

  • This application allows you to convert files three hundred times faster than Bluetooth.

  • With this application, you can easily transfer large file sizes in seconds and this application has many smart tools.
SHAREall for PC
  • Tools like junk cleaner and photo cleaner are used to keep the application clean from unsolicited files so that it does not get slow.
SHAREall for PC
  • You do not need an active internet connection to run the SHAREall app.
SHAREall for PC
  • There is no fear that the data will be secure as all the data transferred from one device to another will be sent through an encrypted process.
SHAREall for PC
  • This application works with a very simple user interface. It is very easy to operate for all ages.
SHAREall for PC
  • No network control and can share files at any time. It supports multiple partitions at once so you can transfer countless files.
SHAREall for PC
  • It also supports access to files after recovery and no USB cables are required to use this.
SHAREall for PC
  • It can go up to 20 MB / s so you can share even large files in seconds. It is worth mentioning that the Shareall application is completely free to use.
These are all the main features of the Shareall app for PC/laptop. Now, Read the below steps and get the app on your computer.

How to Download and Install the Shareall app for Windows PC?

The SHAREall app is quite an awesome and awesome app. This makes it easier for thousands of users to install and work on their smartphones. However, for those who want to use this app on PC, we suggest a simple way. To install this on your computer, you first need to use the Android emulator for your PC. We recommend the Bluestacks prototype for you.

  • For that, you need to go to the Bluestacks webpage and download and install Bluestacks for your PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and find the Google Play Store on its home screen.
  • There you will find the SHARE all” application and click on “Install” to install it.
  • The SHAREall utility will ask for some permissions to install on your PC. Click on “OK”.
  • Now you have to wait for a while until the Shareall application is installed.
  • You can start using the Shareall utility immediately after installing it on your PC.


In short, one of the most important sharing applications today is the Shareall app. It is best that you use this app to easily send all types of files and folders. You should install and use the Shareall app on your PC, as this application’s fast file transfer process is a great application.

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