Jio Giga Fiber Plans & Offers Latest Update 2021

Jio Giga Fiber Plans/Offers: Hello friends, Happy to welcome you to our blog. Do you want to choose the best plan for your Jio network service? then you are landed in the correct place here in this article we provide you the complete Jio Giga fiber plans and offer details so stay tuned. Reliance Jio Fiber has gained popularity in over 1600 cities in India. With this plan, companies have reduced prices for their services. Has announced that high-speed (GBps) internet is being offered at a very low fee. In the future, all houses will be connected with an internet connection because of Jio Giga fiber plans. Reliance Jio recently announced six packs or plans for its users. It is divided and called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Titanium. Okay, let’s look at the complete plans and offers below.

Jio fiber plans
Jio fiber plans

What is Jio Giga fiber?

jio giga fiber plans

Jio Giga fiber has been announced by Reliance Jio Company. Jio is one of the leading network companies in India. Most mobile users use the Jio network because of its quality of service and best offers. They provide a lot of offers and plans to attract customers similarly now they come up with attractive Jio Giga Fiber plans and offers. They offer free voice calling, excellent call resolution, TV on-demand, premium inclusive landline, and videoconferencing. 4K SetupBox and many more features. Jio Fiber has announced six types of packs and prices are listed below.

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Diamond
  5. Platinum
  6. Titanium

Now we will go into detail about what those six plans are and what is the price for those plans.

Jio Giga Fiber Plans:

There are four types of payment plans in Jio Giga Fiber Plans. They are listed below you can choose your plans according to your payment period. Each plan and payment period has its own benefits.
  1. Monthly payment plans
  2. 3-month payment plans
  3. 6-month payment plans
  4. Annual payment plans

The user can decide how to pay for this. Those who wish to enroll in the scheme must first pay Rs. 2,500. 1500 of which is a security deposit fund. They will refund it to you. The remaining one thousand rupees is a non-refundable installation charge.

Jio Fiber Plans Details:

jio giga fiber plans

Monthly payment Jio Fiber plans:  Plan      payment    Speed           Data
Bronze        699/-  100mbps (100 + 50 ) GB
Silver           849/-       100mbps (200 + 200 ) GB
Gold           1299/-       250mbps (500 + 250 ) GB
Diamond    2499/-  500mbps (1250 + 250 ) GB
Platinum     3999/-      1Gbps         2500 GB
Titanium      8499/-     1Gbps         5000GB

There are no prizes if you choose one of the monthly payment plans. But you can benefit by paying a lower monthly fee. The scheme is tailored for monthly salary buyers.

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3-Month Payment Jio Fiber Plans:

Plan  3 Month payment 25% Extra Data OTT Application
Bronze      2097/-                      375 GB      Jiocinema & Saavn
Silver        2547/-                      750 GB     OTT Apps
Gold          3897/-                     875 GB     OTT Apps
Diamond   7497/-                     4687 GB     OTT Apps
Platinum    10197/-                   9375 GB     OTT Apps
Titanium    25497/-                   18750 GB     OTT Apps

6-Month Payment Jio Fiber Plans:

Plan  6 Month payment  50% Extra Data OTT Application
Bronze   4194/-                   980 GB Jiocinema & Saavn
Silver   5094/-                   1800 GB OTT Apps
Gold  7794/-                  4500 GB OTT Apps
Diamond  14994/-                11250 GB OTT Apps
Platinum  20394/-                22500 GB OTT Apps
Titanium  50994/-                45000 GB OTT Apps

Annual Payment Plans :

Plan  Annual Payment 50% Extra Data   OTT Application
Bronze 8388/-              2400 GB    Jiocinema & Saavn
Silver 10188/-            4800 GB   OTT Apps
Gold        31176/-           12000 GB   OTT Apps
Diamond  29988/-           30000 GB   OTT Apps
Platinum  47988/-           60000 GB   OTT Apps
Titanium  101988/-         120000 GB   OTT Apps
Not only the above offers with the above annual plans you will also get the below list of gifts and offers. Annual payment plans are also offered below.
Plan                               Offer
Bronze-               Bluetooth Speaker (2999/-)
Silver-                Thump 2 Bluetooth Speaker(3999/-)
Gold-                 24 Inch HD TV(12990/-)
Diamond –         24 Inch HD TV(12990/-)
Platinum –          32 Inch HD TV(22990/-)
Titanium –          43 Inch HD TV(44990/-)
These are all the current Jio Giga fiber plans/offers with prices. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section.


This is the Jio Giga Fiber Plans. This Jio Giga fiber going to create a great revolution in the telecom industry. It could be said that the other network was a complete failure. There are many more gifts and perks waiting for you. If you would like to join, go to the nearest Jio store or know how to register or book a Jio fiber broadband connection. Thank you for your visit. Follow us to get more news and updates.

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